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GunBed designed this hidden weapon storage system to accommodate any shotgun or rifle under 45" in length, and it will even safely stow an AR15 with a 30 round magazine attached. The high-tech, yet inconspicuous quick-draw gun bed headboard features a completely hidden compartment that can be quickly, reliably and easily accessed by reaching back above your head while laying on your back in bed.
As 'gun-safety" conscious 2nd amendment enthusiasts, GunBed has incorporated a cleverly hidden key lock to secure the firearm compartment from untrained children, snoops, and thieves. This beautiful quick-draw headboard is constructed of solid premium grade hickory lumber, and is 100% made in the USA by professional artisan craftsmen.
This revolutionary piece of hidden gun furniture will transform your sleeping quarters into a defensible safe-room that you'll feel confident and comfortable sleeping in, even in high crime rate communities.

The unique patent-pending design of this diversionary hidden gun storage bed allows for lightning fast access to your home defense weapon of choice, and no one else will ever know it's there until is too late.
So, simply by pushing with both hands open and palms up on the headboard facade directly above your pillows, the firearm will drop into your open hands.
Extreme care goes into the construction of each GunBed headboard, bed frame, and matching furnishings. The facade is attached to an adjustable spring-tensioned mechanism that when shut, holds a single rifle or shotgun securely in place and when pushed open, allows the weapon to drop safely into your open hands.
No veneers, fiber-boards or particle-boards are used for any part of this top-of-the-line gun-hiding furniture.

GunBeds are of heirloom quality, built to last more than a lifetime, and you can expect to it to be passed down to younger generations.

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