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For more info on Runnymede eco village please imitation woodcarvings by Larry Woodcarving has been my Green wood carving projects share time focus since 1970welloff and on since that The foremost day of carving lasted.
For Laguna Tools, an Irvine, Calif.-based distributor of European and Asian woodworking equipment, the notion that more is better does not necessarily apply.

The traditional wood for carving a kuksa is birch, often a burr – the knobbly growth where the wood has been deformed to produce a lump. Here’s my article on wood carving tools to give you an idea of the sort of tools that are easily carried and suitable for carving a kuksa. A great book for this sort of green wood carving is Carving and Whittling: The Swedish Style by Gert Ljungberg. Harder woods such as oaks and ashes are quite tough to work and hard on the arms and hands especially if you’re new to carving. The day course will focus on spoon carving, from the cleaving of greenwood and axe work to the use of chip knives, gouges and various methods of finishing. Adding a drink trough to your picnic table is a great way to keep drinks cold and easily available for outdoor entertaining. I’m not familiar with woods in Florida but birch is pretty widespread so I’d guess there would be some around!

Carving a kuksa is a great test of your wood carving skills and whatever you fill it with will taste even better when the kuksa is carved with your own hand! If both are present, the tension created as the wood dries will most likely cause splitting.
Again, this advice applies to all green wood carving projects: Leave it in a cool place for a few days then gradually move it somewhere warmer such as in the house. Make a saw cut each side of the handle so when you split the wood, the split stops at the cut.

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