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This required some juggling on my part, holding the pilaster and frieze in place at the same time, but with this test-fit completed I was confident to commit to glue and nails. But think of all the moldings you could afford to buy for your home if you make your own fireplace mantel, not to mention the bragging rights of doing it yourself.
Granted, if you follow these step by step instructions, you’ll be building most of your fireplace surround from mdf board and not hardwoods. The friend I made this mantel for loves the finer details seen during the Federal period, so I made his with as many Federal elements as I could — the most important of which are the purely Federal style wheat motif woodworking applique that went on the center panel. Home Depot sells it for $30.61 per sheet, but you can get a much better price at your local lumber yard or cabinet shop. Small, ogee crown molding (like what’s used on cabinetry) for the main crown detail that supports the mantel top.
This wheat and ribbon applique was a popular motif during the American Federal Period.  The smaller one I installed on the fireplace frieze center panel (those pictures will be added later), and the wider applique I installed on the door surround in the same room. I made inset panels on the capitals for this specific rectangular rosette.  I wanted them to fit snugly inside.

You’ll be hard pressed to find plans for a mantel like this or any other molding pattern you find on our blog.
If you want to tackle a mantel like this without detailed plans, then don’t hesitate to ask for help along the way. Your fireplace, Hammer, is one of the most popular installation sequences on this here entire blog. The collar, though a small part of the design, draws the eye to it when looking at the finished fireplace surround.  So take your time installing the panel molding on the collar, and make sure it looks really nice.
You can convert your dull, lack luster fireplace into a showplace for you, your family and your guests with one of these free fireplace mantel or surround plans. One of the design features that make this fireplace surround Federal in nature are the proportions of the mantel top, or hood. So you’ve discovered the joy of moldings and need a place to launch into your first molding project.
A fireplace adds warmth to any room and a well made fireplace mantel highlights this feature.

As for fireplaces, I had a friend who had a typical ranch home fireplace that was about 10″ off the floor with hearth in front, and red brick all the way to the ceiling. Federal period moldings are marked by finer, more delicate features than their more purely Neoclassical cousins.  And since the friend I made this mantel for loves the Federal period (a relative of his owns a Federal townhouse in Boston), then I made sure the hood had this certain grace to it. Twice-monthly advice for bringing your home outdoors, from year-round yard upkeep and planning to the wonders of making your garden grow, plus special offers. I assembled my hood and did some of the prep work, including running my palm sander over the mdf board joints, on a separate work bench.  Then I tested the fit one more time before gluing and nailing in place. If you’re building your mantel with no center panel, then you can omit this extension.

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