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Forrest's Duraline tenoning blade is perfect for use in a tenoning jig in the tradition of Forrest's Woodworker II line. Forrest Manufacturing Company, makers of the extremely popular Woodworker II blades, have been busy in the last year with four new offerings — all but one expanding the Woodworker II line. Forrest's Ultra Woodworker II Thin-Kerf Blade converts under-powered table saws to give them enough power to cut through most any hardwood. Try this Woodworker II Premium Carbide Tipped Saw Blade 12" x 40T, .125" Kerf x 1" Bore, ATB.

90 Tooth Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade is a high-performance blade designed for cutting wood and wood composites. Meanwhile, a thin-kerf version of the venerable 10" Woodworker II also became available in 2010. If high quality local sharpening is not available, Forrest recommends returning your blades to Forrest to be sharpened to maintain ideal sharpness and tooth geometry. 100 Tooth Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade is a high-performance blade designed for cutting wood and wood composites. Forrest's Woodworker II blades are configured to cut through the densest hardwoods accurately, even on older and underpowered table saws.
This rugged crosscutting blade is designed for heavy, daily use in cabinetmaking and general woodworking.

As long as we’re talking thin, Forrest has taken the concept a step further with its new Ultra-Thin 080 Woodworker II blade. Finally, Forrest’s Duraline tenoning blade is designed specifically for use with tenoning jigs. Beginner hand tool woodworking projects, shed plans diy network,building spiral stairs for deck.

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