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Many first time rod builders are uneasy about selecting the components needed to build their own fishing rod. The first step in fishing rod building is choosing the rod components that will suit your style of fishing and the species you're after. Handle style, material, and length will depend on the fishing rod blank you choose, the manner in which the rod is to be used as well as personal preference. Consider using silicone carbide or titanium carbide ringed guides if you use abrasive lines (Spectra, Dacron) or if you're fishing for species that make long, fast runs. Size A thread is used on freshwater spinning, casting and fly rods plus light saltwater rods. There are many high-quality one and two-part fishing rod wrapping finishes available to the custom fishing rod builder. Whether you choose high build or light formula, remember the most important part of using a two-part rod finish is mixing the finish correctly.
All fishing rod finishes are self-leveling and require turning while being applied and drying for best results.
Fuji Building your own rod is probably easier than you think, and it allows for tremendous customization. For years, I've worked with Shimano in the development of their fishing rods, and I've learned a lot along the way.
Even though most major rod manufacturers offer broad selections to choose from, the truth is, none of them carry it all. Specialty rods or rods with very specific applications just don’t generate enough sales, so few of them ever make it to market.
Eventually, as the Carolina craze took off, manufacturers began building rods specialized for the technique, and everybody benefited. Or what about this scenario: You want a rod at a certain length and action, but with spiraling guides in a specific size and count. Let's assume you know what type of rod it is you intend to build, and you already have a blank picked out — its material type, length and action, all ready to go. To make the selection process easier for spinning rods, Anglers Resource developed a computerized program to help you make those choices.

So tune in next time and we'll discuss step-by-step instructions on how to build your own customized rod. Small Business Start Up KitThis kit has the tools, supplies, and instructional materials you need to start a small business building and repairing custom rods. Speed WrapperOriginally designed for commercial rod manufacturers, this smooth operating set up provides almost effortless wrapping. OEM Power Rod WrapperDesigned for the professional, our top-of-the-line power wrapper is made with quality components and is the most ergonomically ‘correct’ and ‘motion efficient’ power wrapper on the market today. Finishing MotorsHigh quality USA built gear motors with self-adjusting chuck for rotating rod while applying and curing Flex Coat finish. OEM Power Finishing MachineDesigned for commercial rod manufacturers who need a smooth running, high speed finishing machine. Professional OEM Power Drying UnitHolds 4 rods, wall mounted, suitable for tackle shop repair operations or stackable for mass production OEM purposes. Gear MotorsHigh Quality USA Built Gear Motors for building your own finishing and drying stations. Self Adjusting ClutchSelf-adjusting chuck securely holds rod while applying and curing Flex Coat finish. Use the mixing syringes supplied with the rod finish to accurately measure equal parts of the resin and hardener.
These tools are full of helpful information that will improve your rod building experience.
Most of the bass rods offered these days are designed for wide-range appeal — they're intended for multiple applications.
Because the earliest rigs utilized super-long leaders, lengthy rods were essential in order to launch the bait any distance. The next step is to pick the right guides, reel seat, and handle components so that the rod suits your specific needs.
Earn extra money, keep your equipment in tip-top shape, and get inside fishing information from your customers: the expert fishermen who purchase custom rods and have rods repaired in your shop. With two tension devices and adjustable thread feed, this is the most popular unit for custom rod builders.

This is essential for rod inspection and important touch ups with high speed motors of 60 to 200 rpm. Our rod building kits include all the parts needed plus great instructions to complete your rod.
If a drying motor is unavailable, you must rotate the rod often and long enough to prevent the finish from sagging. Building your own rod can be fun and rewarding, and, even better, it gives you the opportunity to build it to your own specifications. At the time, the only bass rods long enough were those designed for flipping or deep diving crankbaits. Unless you have deep pockets and know a good custom rod builder, you're pretty much on your own. And believe it or not, much of that is decided by the brand and model reel you plan to pair to the rod when it's complete. You can trade rod repair services or custom rods for fishing trips with local guides.This complete start up kit will save you $$$. This system includes a v-upright support, which enables it to double as a rod finishing motor. Since the crankbait rod didn't have the backbone or the proper feel, most of us made do with a flipping stick. And while there are a few manufacturers out there offering rods with short handles, choices in length and action are pretty limited. These cumbersome rigs aren’t easy to throw, and the rods most frequently used compromise some aspect of the presentation.

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