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Wooden garden gates provide privacy and protection, keeping precious cargo in and unwanted quests out. Above: Simple and sturdy, the Sweet Chestnut Gate offers instant character to the garden entrance.
Above: Spotted in the Telegraph, English artisan Ed Brooks offers several appealing designs for wooden garden gates including the Tall Chestnut Garden Gate (left) and the Split Chestnut Garden Gate. Above: Nothing telegraphs "cottage garden" faster than a cedar picket gate with a simple round-top design, via Grange Fencing. Above: Based in Sebastapol, CA, Prowell Woodworks offers a variety of high-quality, attractive wooden garden gates made to order within a range of specifications.
Above: A long-lasting investment, all of Prowell Woodworks' Gates are made with stile and rail construction using clear Wester red cedar. Above: A good budget option, the Rustic Garden Gate designed for a 36-inch arbor or fence opening.

I wanted to round the top of my gate, but I also wanted it to sit above the top of the fence.
To fix the front, I cut a scrap picket to fill in the gap across the bottom, then covered it with  a picket, cut to fit the width of the gate. Use a pencil to trace along the wood, transferring the arch shape onto the top of your gate. You may also have noticed that a black stain from the hardware has bled on the front of the gate.
Here we offer options for gating the opening in your fence—or greenery—that leads to your own secret garden. The Craftsman Garden Gate #4 with upper open grids and small Craftsman ledge blocks just under the middle rail starts at $1272 for the 48-inch width (the base price for Prowell's gates is $1,200; add-ons vary by size and particular gate style). An intriguing use of a vintage door as a garden gate by Anne and Rick Vernon of Rooms n' Blooms.

The gates stand 72-inches tall, making them good companions for many 72-inch tall fencing panels available on the market (see our earlier post 10 Easy Pieces: Instant Fencing). Available in many sizes ranging from 41- to 72-inches high, and 36- to 51-inches wide, the gates are constructed with clear kiln-dried Western red cedar. Gates are shipped unfinished, unless otherwise stipulated, and include their preferred bronze heavy-duty, extruded ball-bearing 4-inch butt hinges. The base price for Prowell's gates is $1,200; add-ons vary by size and particular gate style.

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