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28.10.2015 admin
About a month ago, Home Depot invited me and several other bloggers to be a part of a DIY challenge. This sleek, modern shoe rack looks like something Frank Lloyd Wright would have built for one of his organic homes.
This fancy-pants shoe rack is actually just a spray-painted picture frame attached to the wall with double-sided tape.
It’s a crucial piece because it allows you to have a well-organized, clean and neat entryway and to also have a practical way of storing all your shoes.
We used our shoes to determine the height and the depth of our rack, so it’s exactly right for us.
I really need to do something about the shoe storage in my closet and this looks like it could easily be customized to fit my space.
No matter how big your closet or how sparse your collection of heels, shoes tend to end up… everywhere.

However, if you manage this task, you basically have this brilliant shoe organizer ready to go. Simply paint your crates the color of your choice, suspend them from your walls and store your shoes — in them, on them, around them. I had a bunch of ideas (plywood is a fun material to work with!) but in the end I decided on something that I knew we’d actually use a lot: a shoe rack! My shoe rack has three levels of the same height, and it always looks ridiculous because I put my boots right next to my ballerinas and converse. Likewise, if you have waaay more shoes or if you have a smaller space to tuck a shoe rack in, you can totally adjust all the measurements to fit your own needs. I was always so irritated digging around in the morning to find the shoes I wanted to wear that day. Now, we have a cute little rack for all of our favorite shoes, and if we clear the top off, it doubles as a bench for sitting down and pulling on boots or tying shoelaces.

Another great thing about such a shoe rack is that it takes up very little floor space.View in galleryThere are also lots of other types of designs you can use. This way the shoes take up less space then they would when arranged on the shelves.View in galleryA pallet can also be a great shoe rack.
This one has a vintage look and compartments of different dimensions.View in galleryIf you truly want to save space then store your shoes inside the staircase.

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