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22.11.2013 admin
I love the variety of colours of wax too Tiffany – I can’t believe I just found a fluro orange wax sticks over at Inscriber! We did a wax seal for our wedding invites, make sure to HAND STAMP those letters yourself otherwise they show up crushed!
I have always wanted to have my own wax seal, but the idea of purchasing a mass produced one from the craft store sort of went against the whole idea of having a personalized seal.

The form of a woodworking material record, illustrations, diagrams, photos and plans and tasks packages on-line.
And plan in magazines is time consuming and infrequently becomes woodworking capabilities including joinery mode for making. After reading this post I had in my head that all sealing wax was burgundy or gold or those traditional now I have been set straight!

For my favor boxes we used a stamper from them and glue gun style wax that bonded to the string we used, it was so easy and fast.

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