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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission advises against using cribs more than 10 years old. Place a drop cloth on the ground outside or in a garage and secure each corner with a heavy object. Make sure that the crib (or other piece) is clean, dry and free of any loose dirt or grime.
Disassembling the crib can help create a more professional looking finish, but it’s not absolutely necessary.
I used the Bloombaby alma papa crib for my first baby but the railings were destroyed by melted plastic from a plastic teething rail I bought separately. The Bloombaby crib is foldable so because of its design, I will most likely sand by hand and paint with a paint sprayer so that I get in between all the folds. If you lightly scuff the whole crib, you shouldn’t need a primer (unless you see bare wood).

For best results, make sure the crib is clean, dry and free of any loose dirt or grime, and that the existing coating is in sound condition. We wouldn’t recommend using a conventional paint for a crib because of all the toxic VOCs in these formulas. The owner of the crib painted it in Teal Zeal by Behr, you can see more of her nursery here. When I shared Baby Guy Jamie Grayson’s advice about IKEA cribs, I did a bit of research and found that some folks were painting their IKEA cribs, giving them a whole new look. Visit their website to learn about crib recalls and regulations to ensure your crib is up to code.
You shouldn’t have to worry about this with cribs less than 10 years old, unless someone else has painted the crib using a very old paint.

If it rattles or wiggles too much, you may need to tighten things up a bit (or find a sturdier crib).
How much paint you’ll need depends on not only the size of the crib, but also what paint you choose.
We can definitely color match, but it seems the best way to go about it in your situation is for you to find a paint sample chip color from a local home store that matches your crib. Painting the whole crib will ensure continuity of color, since you might not be able to color match perfectly.

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