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This deck plan is for a medium-size, low, 2-level deck with planter boxes beside the steps down from each level. The larger upper deck features a privacy screen along the right side providing privacy as well as shade. This deck plan is for a medium size, single level deck with a privacy screen along the left side to provide additional privacy from your neighbors. This deck plan is for a large, single level deck with privacy screens on both sides and steps from one corner of the deck down to the yard.
This deck plan is for a medium size, high, single level deck with steps leading down to the ground. This deck plan is for a medium size, single level deck with a privacy screen along the right side. There is a small upper deck around the back of the spa allowing for easy access to the spa.
If your house came with a deck that's simply not big enough to accommodate your gatherings, you have two choices: You can tear out the old one and build a new structure or you can attach an extension. Decking laid over concrete must be raised from the surface of the concrete with 2x4 pressure-treated sleepers.

I found some deck planning sites for all of you who are building your own deck or thinking about building your own deck. When looking at deck plans you may want to keep in mind if your budget does not allow for your dream deck currently you can build a basic deck and add on later.
Consider patterns other than parallel decking -- the flat 2x4s provide a sufficient nailing surface for many patterns.
One of the least expensive ways to expand your living area for your home is to build a deck. On this website we have free DIY Do It Yourself Step-by-Step Plans to assist you if you would like to build your own deck.
How To Build A Deck Free DIY Do It Yourself Step-by-Step Plans, building deck Seattle, building deck Bellevue, building deck Redmond, constructing deck Seattle, constructing deck Bellevue, constructing deck Redmond, How To Build A Deck Free DIY Do It Yourself Step-by-Step Plans Seattle Bellevue Redmond Washington WA. The deck features a very large privacy screen that runs along the left side and the entire length of the deck. The deck sits about two feet off the ground, but the height is customizable to whatever your needs.
To frame an extension that rises one step from the existing deck, lay out the post locations and cut the posts so the joists rest on the surface of the old deck.

The links below have 2 FREE programs 1 pay program that can help you with the planning part, some even have material list breakdowns for you to use. In that case, if the concrete is not powdery or breaking into chunks, you can install sleepers and fasten down decking in a weekend. Of course, you can spend lots of money on a deck, depending on your needs, but basically if you live in a moderate climate like Western Washington you can live and entertain on your deck and give your home a spacious feeling.
You can also use these plans in conjunction with Chinook Services to make sure your deck will be structurally sound. There are steps down to a 14' x 12' (approx.) middle deck with steps down to the patio or yard.
There is a privacy screen along the left side of the deck to offer increased privacy from neighbors.

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