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You can incorporate a bench between permanent planters, you can build movable freestanding benches (although 2x furniture can get heavy), or you can take advantage of the strength of dimension lumber and your deck framing and build these permanent benches.
Built-in perimeter benches help define the edge of a deck in addition to increasing the seating.
Attach cleats to both sides of the legs to provide a nailing surface for the ends of the decking.
I am totally new to DIY and wanted to take my first steps with a simple project - a corner bench. I thought this would be a standard sort of newbie project and was expecting to find loads of plans, drawings, tutorials etc how to make one.

They can help define space at the edges of the deck or within its perimeter, accent the deck, or double as storage units. Instead of cutting the posts flush with the beam, leave them long until the joists are in place. Most building codes permit perimeter seating without a railing on ground-level decks; on an elevated deck leave enough space for a railing behind the seating. Cut the seat rails to length -- about 16 inches for a bench seat that is 19 inches deep -- and screw them to both seat legs. But if your slats will overhang the seat rails by more than 6 inches, install the decking first so you won't bump your head against the seats while driving the decking screws.

You can build a bench shorter than the post spacing by supporting one end on a through-post and the other end on a short piece of post bolted to the beam and joist.
If you are building this kind of bench on an elevated deck, make sure the deck overhang is sufficient to build a railing behind the bench.

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