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For the last several months on Gardenista, we've been sourcing the best in Exterior Paint colors to help you make one of the toughest household design decisions when the time comes. Spring heralds the arrival of weather warm enough for us to finally get outside and start undoing the damage winter has wrought on woodwork. When done with aniline dye a pretty decent black can be obtained while preserving at least some grain detail in the wood. They are considered the best way of changing the color of wood without obscuring the grain. A last note: the finish expert I visited yesterday showed me how the stain faded as it dries. First of all staining is a one time application,you don't stain things two three and 7 times.
Refreshing the finish on decks, fences, and siding tops the to-do list because without renewed protection against Mother Nature, wood will start to decay.
I can still see grain but I also get what brickeyee is saying: it is kind of on the wood not just IN the wood like a stain. You need the ability to control the viscocity of the stain, you really need to be able to make a thick ,heavy bodied stain. In a one-two punch, sunlight breaks down the lignin that holds wood fibers together, leaving a gray surface that can't hold a finish.

Hope springs eternal and all, but I am prepared to hear you say you're starting with bare wood. A few coats of semi gloss, which helps to even the color a little, and this counter is incredible, is unique, and cannot be replicated with store bought stains.
Well that Japan pigment will DEFINITELY take a gel on bare wood down to a dark that should be plenty dark.
Before trying any new finish combination I finish some of the scrap pieces of wood from a project all the way through to check for problems and appearance. I used 3 coats of General Finishes water based gel stain in espresso - a dark non-yellowy brown. If you intend to stain something and achieve the correct results you need to prepare the surface properly. After much conflicting advice and dead ends, I'm back to trying (careful) sanding and General Java gel darkened with Japan black. HYPERconcentrated stuff, like the colorants used to mix paints, and my little jar will darken vats of any non water based stain.
You can safeguard wood in one of two ways: either with paint, which seals it under an opaque film, or, perhaps better, with exterior stain. Once you make your choice and lay it on, you can rest easy, knowing that your wood is taken care of.

They are used before any other finish (except maybe a shellac wash coat on end grain) and die the wood. The result a super dark brownish black that I can still see hints of wood grain through - so it looks like wood instead of paint. The basic problem with trying to achieve a black or expresso look from a stain that you buy at Home Depot ,Loews or your local paint store is that the basic consistancy of the stain is that of WATER. The beauty of stain is that it's easy to apply, resistant to peeling, and brings out wood's texture or grain.
We're actually painting portions of our cabinetry a creamy white with an espresso glaze - and staining was MUCH easier IMO than the painting is (with the oak the grain is VERY open, so we've needed to fill it with several coats of wood filler and then are priming with several coats of BIN primer before paint.
We translate the confusing labels, show you some of the many places stains are used, and offer tips on how to apply and maintain a finish for maximum durability.

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