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Blind joints provide the strength of a through joint, but leave unbroken edges, or an unbroken face, on the receiving piece. Because dado cuts are so commonly done in cabinetry and carpentry, and because they cannot be made with a single pass of a normal saw blade, special blades, called dado cutters have been created and are readily available for the woodworker. A usually perpendicular joint formed where the full thickness of one member's edge or end is accepted into a corresponding housing, groove, or dado in another member. Wood joints - california university pennsylvania, 3 9 wood joints common methods strengthening joints.
Such tenons are used in a normal mortise and I have never seen reference to a joint where the mortise is angled. For example, a simple butt joint of the end of one plank across the grain at the middle of another plank could be joined with a dowel joint, a biscuit joint, or a blind dado, and you would not be able to tell the difference among them because they are all blind joints.

The two common types are the dovetail keyed mitered edge joint and the dovetail keyed mitered face joint.
Sometimes the term is used to mean a knockdown joint, which of course doesn't use glue OR fasteners. The joints may be made by gluing two squared edges as in a plain edge joint or by using machined joints of various kinds (e.g.
Use vibration techniques determine rotational, Use of vibration techniques to determine the rotational stiffness of timber joints .
Certainly, you could make such a joint but apparently it is either non-existent or so rare that it is not discussed in joinery books. Joints made with dado cuts are classified depending on whether the dado cut goes into both edges (through dado), only one edge (half blind dado), or neither edge (blind dado).

For illustrations, see JOINERY GROOVES and those three terms for which the URLs were just given. Most joint types can be used for both frames and cases, but the types that are associated mostly with frames include lap joints, bridle joints, mortise and tenon, and tongue and groove. More illustrations are given with each term, but here are examples of the three main types of dovetail and a long list of various dovetail joints is given with the term dovetail router bit.

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