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Woodworkers Source started in 1978 to provide the finest hardwood lumber to all types of woodworkers, from beginners getting started with the craft to long-time professionals. American "Bald" Cypress(Taxodium distichum) is an ancient species with a well known history in the United States. I Built a Chesapeake 18 back in 2010 and have been meaning to pass along the photos for some time. Thought you might like to see the Wood Duck 12 Hybrid my husband built with our 14-year-old son this winter. I bought the Passagemaker Take-Apart because of a romantic notion of building a boat and teaching myself to sail it. I have built a Shearwater Sport from plans, starting in 2012 and working on it only during winter. The Petrel is a thoroughbred sea kayak which handles beautifully and I cannot wait to get it into rough water!
Here are a couple of photos of the Wood Duck Double that my daughter Cristina and I built as a father-daughter project. I completed my Shearwater Sport, which I built in Eric Shade's class at The Wooden Boat School.
The kit was absolutely exceptional with all the pieces fitting together nicely and most of the holes predrilled. Wanting to differ from the Hawaiin theme, I built this with old wooden Chris Crafts in mind. I have been rowing and sailing my Northeaster Dory for almost two months now and I love this boat. I'm very pleased with the construction & performance of the Shearwater 17 kayak - handled great and carried all my gear. With a lot of advice from everyone at CLC and the whole family chipping in, the boat came together wonderfully.
Thanks again to everyone at CLC and a special thinks to the guy on the phone who helped design the seats, Joey, I think, but all the other "guys on the phone" were very helpful as well. A great thank you to you and your team for your assistance, patience and help so our dream came true.
I just wanted to let you know that I reached the great milestone of the first stitching together of the hull and deck on my Shearwater 17.
At one point, I read somewhere about how many nice complements one would receive when paddling a CLC kayak and even though she’s only been in the water three times so far I can absolutely concur that people are incredibly impressed.
Click here to learn about our custom milled tidewater cypress We have sent out tidewater cypress lumber for beams, decks, floors, paneling, siding, outdoor structures, fences and whatever you have in mind!
The giant cypress trees were a wonder to the explorers who first came across them in the swamps of Louisiana and Florida.

We started our two 12-6 Kaholos in the middle of June and finished them in time for our annual family trip! I added some custom work including a day hatch, inking of the hatch covers, and a few more things. Your plans and instructions for the Wood Duck Hybrid 12 were excellent and it was so much fun to build.
Well, it's now May and I STILL don't have a nice picture, though not for lack of trying. On Friday, we stopped for a long break and as the tide came in, I had to pull my Arctic Hawk above the high tide line. Great support from your team and the builders forum made it possible for a first time builder. Instructions were easy to follow, tech support via phone and in the shop was informative and collaborative. This was just in time for yesterday's 21 kayak and canoe flotilla down the Connecticut River. It is surprisingly stable and rowers, both novice and expert, have been zooming happily up and down the river. Everyone who has seen it, including the inspector from the Massachusetts Environmental Police, was impressed with the beauty, strength, and utility of the design. My friend Bob and I started work on the boat during the last week of July 2013 and finished this month. It's a very versatile design that rows well (although you are moving a lot of boat through the water) and sails great. We are already planning another CLC boat build - likely a Mill Creek hybrid with outriggers and a sail.
We started in late October, and working part time through the winter, we completed the project in late April. Furniture, slab tables, paneling, flooring and other special projects are enhanced by this unique and rare wood!We have sent it by the truckload to build a seaside guest house in Malibu (all #1 vertical grain - i.e.
My wife's blue board and my 13-year-old niece's yellow board cruised as smooth as glass, and they both did a ton of stitching, gluing, glassing and sanding to get them ready! He was an avid cyclist but was hit by a car last year while cycling and got injured pretty badly. We took our kayak out to the canals in South Bethany Beach in Delaware and to the nearby Assawoman Bay. The Environmental Police inspector requested CLC contact info and expressed an interest in building his own boat. I am extremely pleased with the boat, and have shared my satisfaction with the design with others.

My father-in-law sprayed the last coat of paint Saturday and we loaded them on the trailer to check in on Monday! I can hardly think of anything that is as rewarding as building and paddling your own little boat! I followed your manual and when I had questions the support team was there to fill in the blanks.
After 30 years of building and repair of big boats I finally get to build what I always wanted to. It's light enough for two people to carry it a short distance up a beach -- a great plus for camp-cruisers and beachgoers. And it was new for me to row a boat that glides many times its length compared to traditional rowboats that row like they're in molasses. I have taken him on three paddles with the NE Wisconsin Heritage paddles and had a great time. I confess to more than once putting two adults, a kid, and two small dogs in the kayak's large cockpit during some of our frequent trips around the bay. Plus it is beautiful and I get compliments on it wherever I go.I'm confident in its seaworthiness and will be taking it up to Maine for a weeklong cruise in August.Thanks for the great design and the very well-engineered kit! The tight grain is due to shinkage, and the fact it is original old growth from America's primeval forests. Some logs were lost on the bottoms of rivers before they made it to the mill and this gives us "Sinker" stock today.
Heaters were used in a barn to try to keep the temperature stable and above fifty degrees. While cypress is famed for its Cypressene oil and rot resistance, newer, younger cypress trees are perhaps fifty years old and do not have the rot resistance of the older stock. The best stock is oily to the touch, like teak wood, even after being submerged in river bed or salvaged from an old timber. Therefore the origin of the wood must be carefully matched to the final usage to ensure a long lifespan for the project. The wide, antique milled stock that came from Florida is reserved for special table-tops and counters (see below). The mIlls that put their names on these giant planks of lumber, Wilson (in Palatka, on the St. The company still exists as an oil and gas company and says they haven't cut a board since 1920.

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