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Custom Garage Workbench Plans,Picture Frame Jig Plans,Woodworking Bench Patterns - 2016 Feature

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Build this solid, roll-around, folding workbench in a day with simple hardware and only two sheets of plywood.
Use this simple workbench plan to build a sturdy, tough workbench that'll last for decades.
Our compact garage workbench has an expanding top that folds out for extra work space and tucks away when not in use.
Make more room for tools and carpentry projects with space-saving workbenches that set up or come apart in seconds.
Fan Spotlight: These readers shared photos of their completed garage workbenches, many of which were built using our plans!
As I promised in the garage makeover reveal, I’m sharing the full tutorial of how we hacked IKEA pieces into that awesome custom garage workbench. Before I came up with the IKEA plan, we considered going with a pre-made bench like the one below from Amazon. Above the workbench, I wanted a big pegboard so frequently used tools would be easy to access.
Sadly, the first step in putting the workbench together was assembling all the separate pieces I hauled home.

Even though our workbench was on a raised step in the garage, we still needed to add a little height to make it comfortable to use. Once the ledge was screwed to the studs, we set the first two LINNMON desktops in place using Liquid Nails. So, for the cost of ONE of the prebuilt units we looked at, we created a TON of built-in custom storage.
A workbench can be a permanently installed work surface, or to make it more flexible, it can include features that allow it to fold against a wall, have detachable mobile bays for additional work surfaces, or it can be an entire mobile work island you can move anywhere within your workspace. Overview of all of the features as well as applications mating boards custom workbench ideas in the joint are identical signaling Making Kits.
7 simple projects enhance functionality and increase the storage capacity of your workbench.
Conveniently, at the same time I was scheming up this workbench, my mom was scheming up a trip to my brother’s house.
I designed the workbench to have some  open storage space, which meant we had two dressers on the left side and one on the right side. Our options were either building a platform base, or adding a spacer between the dressers and the counter.

To create the top to the workbench, I got a little brave. Instead of spending money buying or building a custom countertop, I bought 3 LINNMON table tops. As I mentioned in the beginning, I love that anyone can adapt this plan to their own space, the width can be whatever works for you!
I showed this post to my husband, and he’s planning to use a bunch of your ideas in our own garage- awesome! Make the most of your garage space with Garage Envy Workbench and Garage Storage Cabinets for your garage, workshop or basement area.
I’m hoping to tackle our garage this summer and you are giving me SO MANY awesome ideas! Our workbench selection includes Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Butcher Block options in Tables, Workbenches and Workstations.

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