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Be as that may, proper planning and the smart utilization of the available room can often turn a cramped home into an airy and relaxed hub.In an attempt to find that elusive ‘additional nook’, today we turn our attention to the forgotten, lonely corner in the bedroom. Often overlooked and rarely utilized to the hilt, the bedroom corner is filled with potential waiting to be unlocked.
And here are 12 snazzy ideas to help you turn that tight corner into a stylish and functional spot –1. The Corner BedYes, the bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and it needs to remain that way. Corner beds are quickly becoming a popular trend, as they not only save up on precious space but also turn that ill-utilized corner into a hot hub for activity.
This also opens up the remainder of the bedroom, giving it an airy appeal.See also10 Smart Ways To Put Your Kitchen Corner Space To Use2. Twice the Comfort!While angling the bed into the corner or giving it that dual headboard is one of the ways to go, you can also put in a couple of beds in the corner to really cut down on the wastage of space.

This is another hot look in kids’ bedrooms that is replacing the use of bunk beds, and the common area between the two beds can be used for sconce lighting or as storage and display space. Share Those Special Moments!This is indeed a perfect plan for young couples and parents who might want to spend Sunday morning in the quiet refuge of their bedroom.
Wall murals, decals and lovely modern art illuminated by the right accent lighting are an easy way to spice up the bedroom corner.
While the entire room appears to be pretty common in design, the floating shelves in the corner are ‘illuminated’ to proudly display the owner’s baseball memorabilia. You can use similar illuminated corner shelves to showcase your own prized possessions.L-shaped bookshelves make an effective addition to the modern bedroomby Designs Northwest ArchitectsA bedroom is the perfect place to put in a snazzy corner shelf that will act both as a display unit and also as a place to stack up all the books.
Most modern bedrooms leave the corner spaces untouched (sometimes to bring in the minimalist feel), but if you are one for blending in form with functionality, then this design works best. A particularly effective space-saving solution for small apartment homes!Modern home office with corner shelves that make a beautiful displayby Jennifer Gustafson Interior DesignExtend the space above your home office work station by integrating a few floating shelves in the corner.

Smart and saving up on leg room, floating shelves make an ideal corner shelving option.Outside corner open shelving unit looks stunning!
The floating shelves offer ample display or storage space where you put away all your books and accessories. Cute baskets and smart boxes that conceal the clutter can take up this shelf space, in the case of the beautiful girls’ bedroom above.

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