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Duplication machines and jigs are based on an ancient technology called a pantograph, which uses the principle of parallel lines to create a duplicate. 6Edit step4Carve that part into your blank piece of wood using whatever carving technique you have chosen (knife, chisel, router etc). 7Edit step5Continue exposing more of the original piece and carving that part into your new block.
9Edit step7Let out more water and keep going till you've exposed the whole object and carved the duplicate.
Determine whether you need to make an exact duplicate, possibly for mass or semi-mass production, or if you want to create a derivative work that looks almost like the original, but also has your own unique style. Carving wood by any method requires exacting skill and great mastery of your tools, including your own home-made jigs. Join a wood carving club and subscribe to wood carving magazines to get more tips and tricks, advice and support while learning your craft. If your source material is wood be warned that immersing it in water for any length of time at all may well have adverse effects on the finish and even integrity of the piece.

I dont remember th' titles , but there are a number of tutorial boks on routers and router jigs and at least one that covered a 3 axis pantograph that was capable of carving in th' round , that is , to carve a free standing copy of a statue !
Build Your Own CNC Router You are looking at a Do It Yourself CNC Wood Carving Machine Kit from Zen ToolWorks.
Both the CNC Router hobbyist and wood working pro will find a 3D wood carving machine to fit their Zen CNC Carving Machine DIY Kit. New Wood Carving Machine with Digital Technology to the woodworking and engraving industry.
Mar 02, 2015 The latest addition to their product lineup is the XCarve, a 3D carving machine that can create models from plastic, wood or metal.
Hi I’m Ben and I would like to share a production process I have developed this year, together with a local wood carving company 3D Wood.
The XCarve is a machine that allows home DIY enthusiasts and makers to create threedimensional pieces using materials as varied as wood, metal and plastic.
Professional carving duplicator, rigid, Professional duplicating woodworking tool for carving wooden objects.

You can reproduce these over and over again in a "factory" manner, getting an almost perfect, if not exact, duplicate.
For likenesses or personal use, you probably will want use a duplicating jig or hand-carve your replica. No one piece of wood is the same as another, and those differences alone give a piece a unique nature. This machine should be able to duplicate simple operations such as holes, channels, and outlines. Most machines of this kind cost upwards of $60,0000 so turning your carving over to a professional (also called a milliner) for mass duplication on one of these machines is probably your best bet. In this tutorial we'll take a basic look at some techniques for duplicating a wooden carving.

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