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The Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop provides wood carving tools, wood carving books & roughouts. When I first started burning wood I used a cheap soldering iron type woodburner that I found at Michael’s craft store. Even though flashy plastic toys like Transformers or anything else you find in the toy aisle at Target are fun, there just seems to be something special about playing with simple, quality wooden toys. When I discovered that a much better alternative exists I immediately bought a Colwood Woodburner.

1- 800 -397-2278.We constantly strive to bring you the most current and most competitively priced woodcarving supplies available.
My first step was to sketch Bilbo and Gandalf on paper to figure out how best to bring them to life in wood. If you’re at all interested in woodburning I would highly suggest spending the extra money for a quality woodburner, as it significantly increased my working speed and decreased my frustration since using one is more like using an actual pen as opposed to a soldering iron.
Even now I find it difficult not to think of Middle Earth while hiking through the woods and exploring any trail I might find myself on.

Then I used my woodburner to trace over the pencil, making the details more permanent by burning them into the wood.

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