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The debate continues when it comes to whether one should use oil-based finishes or the newer water-based (waterborne) products being developed to meet increasingly stringent VOC regulations.
For example, Blaine Robles of Norcal Wood Restoration and Painting, in Tiberon, Calif., uses only penetrating oil-based finishes with a significant amount of pigment. Not everybody in the industry uses the terms water repellent and water sealer in the same way, but most seem to agree with Bob Sturgis, vice president, general manager, Wolman Wood Care Products, who says that a water repellent prevents moisture from penetrating into the wood and a water sealer seals out moisture. All the clear coatings referred to in this article contain a mildewcide that protects the coatings themselves, not the wood.
According to Steve Revnew, director of architectural marketing, residential segments, at Sherwin-Williams, clear coatings offer a high degree of waterproofing with moderate mildew resistance. The Flood Company’s CWF-UV5, a penetrating oil finish, darkens when applied and then lightens, depending on the intensity of sun exposure. Many products being marketed as clear have some tint to them, according to Wolman’s Sturgis. Although Duckback Products’ All Purpose Waterproofer is a true clear coating, Jennifer Haney, marketing coordinator, reports that most exterior clear wood finishes contain a small amount of pigment.

Consequently, they require maintenance more often than finishes that have even a small amount of pigment. High solids, water-based, oil-emulsion and traditional, solvent-based are just a few examples of clears within each category. They aren’t truly clear, but have a slight amber color or tone in order to afford some UV protection. Jennifer Haney, marketing coordinator for Duckback Products, concurs, with the further explanation that a water repellent has water beading properties and a water sealer protects wood from water damage because it has a breathable finish that will sheet water from the coating’s surface.
The toners are lightly pigmented and will improve the appearance of weathered wood as well as waterproof it, so they are slightly more durable than a clear sealer.
A new product, Supreme Performance, is a fast-drying, long-lasting, deep-penetrating water-base coating that is available in a clear finish. It continues to sell its oil-based clear product in non-OTC states, but water-based finishes are growing in sales and, as they do, more contractors are realizing that the waterborne products do just as good a job.
But Wolman Raincoat Water Repellent is a totally clear, water-based product that meets all VOC requirements and federal guidelines for water repellency.

The substitute is a non-drying conditioning oil that soaks down into the wood to improve the condition of the wood instead of evaporating up into the air.
The life expectancy of these products is six months to one year, the same as for the wood-preserving clears, which contain less wax, no resins and an added EPA-registered fungicide.
The company also manufactures pigmented oil-based stain products in 350- and 250-VOC formulas to meet VOC regulations.
It depends on whether the weather is rainy or sunny for ease of application and the personal taste of customer or contractor. The life of these products can range from one to two years on horizontal surfaces and two to four years on vertical wood. It is especially formulated for challenging surfaces and conditions, such as exotic hardwoods, as well as high-altitude locations.

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