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A Plant Stand Will Add A Perfect Display Piece To Any Home Decor This Simple Design Of The Gallatin Tiered Plant Stand Features 3 Round Shelves That Wish Showcase Plants Or Collectibles Bequtifully. Durable Adirondack-style Patio Furniture Is Handcrafted Of Plantation-grown Solid Garapera And Eucalyptus Hardwoods, Which Possess The Same Weather-resistant Qualities As Teak. Machine-woven In Belgium Of 80% Over Twisted Heat Set And 20% Polyester, It's Designed To Stand Up To Use.
All these little squirts were outgrowing their containers, so I knew it was time to consolidate them into a single large planter. Cupid worked his magic when he flung the arrow and brought Kristie to her hubby who was playing in a Perth cover band.
On the other hand grouping the stands together in larger spaces will help give them a voice and can fill a space that may not have previously made any sense.

Arrange plants and lightweight collectibles indoors or out on these nature-inspired plant stands.
Using plant stands to give your plants decor height is one of the best ways for small apartment decorating. With so many decorative planters available, you can easily get away with growing even the simplest plant varieties, while still impressing your friends and family! Heading into Christmas you could easily add these to your wish-list and know they will be the best present your upcoming plant decorating could hope for. Ivy Muse is a local Australian company making beautiful functional plant stands that encourage you to use plants and greenery in a design setting.
When shopping for midcentury indoor planters and pots, choose one that not only fits with your decor, but work with plants that require maintenance levels compatible with your lifestyle.

Behind the brand Ivy Muse is retailer Jacqui Vidal and stylist Alana Langan, They are friends, style hunters and design focused business owners which is why their plant stands are the perfect addition to your decor.
They collaborated to come up with these beautiful stylish pot plant stands that can make your plant decorating work inside better than they do outside.

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