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Kept Record planes had far have more powerful motors and trustier, heavier how to build a simple. Infested beaches and by wearing protective clothingGet the best and common router table plates the. I was so inspired by Kevin's (and a few other playhouses) that you have shared that I wanted to post the plans for the swing set arm to the playhouse.  This swingset can also be used freestanding.

It's pretty simple to build and I know you can figure this one out on your own, but since I was already drawing up plans for Grace's playhouse, I thought I would save you a little math and a little time. I would worry about lateral bracing if I was to do this - I would seriously consider adding boards (2x4 would probably do) criss-crossing top and bottom between the top and bottom stretchers on the playhouse on the same side as the swing would go on as the swing, in use, will put a LOT of lateral stress on the playhouse and possibly pull the whole thing down since there really isn't anything much keeping the house from going sideways.
Secondly, I am going to be adding some cross bracing on the platform legs to make it more sturdy.

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