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There are companies out there, like Mirror Mate, who can make it super easy for you – but like the true DIY addicts that we are, we opted to try our hand at making this guy from scratch. I used my miter saw to cut my corners on an angle, but if you are miter-saw-less you can also do a simpler frame that’s kind of like this chalkboard frame that we built instead. And then just to make sure the bottom of the frame didn’t flap out or anything, we put a couple of dots of silicone caulk between the frame and the mirror just to hold it in place (we taped the frame down along the bottom until the caulk dried so it would hold it firmly for the long haul).
You can also just use wood chisels to cut out the small sections of wood for the mirror clips if you don’t own a drill (and personally I think it is easier). By Dylan Henry Wood framed mirrors Build your have with this how to video from House & Home Magazine. After considering some more ornate moldings or window trim, we decided a flat chunky piece of wood would be best (and it’d match the chunky shelf nearby without competing too much with other more interesting items like our patterned window shade or the new vanity knobs).
This picture below gives you a better sense of how my unpretty notches will fit up against the clips (while still not being visible to anyone once the frame is in place). New mirror frame for a total of $14 and about three hours of time if you count all the building, chipping out notches, priming, and painting. For a different look, consider spray-painting or staining the shims; just prime the wood first. So when we measured and cut our frame we made sure it overlapped the top edge of the mirror (the only edge without a wall, the counter, or some tile in its way). That meant I could drive a couple of screws through the frame and into the wall without being anywhere near the mirror to make sure the frame wouldn’t come crashing down on us. No matter which celestial body you choose to call them, these trendy mirrors add a sparkle to any wall. A recent guest here at Pretty Handy Girl, this collection of mirrors wouldn’t be complete without including this incredible mosaic mirror. Other options for creating decorative mirrors are to create your own or alter an existing mirror. I gave the finished frame a couple thin coats of Sherwin Williams Divine White (the trim color throughout our house). I purchased 2 1×4 white wood boards and cut down 4 pieces with 45 degree angles at each end to build the frame.
For the final step, I attached the mirror to the back of the frame with Liquid Nails (I applied the liquid nails to the back of the frame (edges closest to the middle) and laid the mirror on top of it).  A little goes a long way. I just love easy and cheap projects!  $15 and 1 hour for a decorative mirror is a steal:)  And the versatility is endless!  I would love one hanging on a wall in my house or even over my mantle! You might also put silicone all around outside edges of the mirror (backside) for extra security. Another challenge of this project was to make the frame rest over the plastic clips that hold the mirror to the wall. I’ve seen other folks do this project where they simply use some heavy duty caulk or construction adhesive to straight up stick their frame to the mirror itself. Even for a not-very-fancy frame, we’re pretty darn pleased with how it polished off that big unpolished beast in the room.
Exactly what I was going to say – always paint the back if it will be reflected in the mirror.

With the contrasting black and white zebra print, this mirror still offers a classic effect. I’ve been looking for a classy mirror like this for a while (instead of my ugly walmart one) for the bedroom!
It seemed like a pretty straight-forward task, despite the challenge of not having much space around our mirror to actually attach anything. But since my last attempt at gluing something to a mirror made me wary of that trick, I wanted to rely on a few strong & secure screws instead. I prefer to put the LN on the wood frame, as you did in the tutorial, then lay the mirror on top (I figure the heavy mirror and gravity would help it stick better). The space caused by the plastic frame allows the mirror to reflect the back of your wood frame but it is a cool added affect. You can see in this picture the left side of the frame shows theback of the wood reflecting and the bottom is where I put stain into the space to stain the backside. Fast forward about a day and I primed and painted the frame white (Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore in semi-gloss, using a small foam roller for a smooth result). When all was said and done caulked and dried, we just filled those two screw holes with wood putty and painted them so they weren’t obvious. I purchased this Mainstay door mirror from Wal-Mart for $5.  I had to do a little demolition on the cheap, plastic trim that was glued to it. After the glue was dry, I flipped the frame over and stained it with Rust-Oleum dark walnut stain.  I let one coat sit for about 10 minutes! I purchased 2 1?4 white wood boards and cut down 4 pieces with 45 degree angles at each end to build the frame. Just tried to do this and had the hardest time getting the original frame off of the mirror. Just had a crazy thought… On the next one maybe try ironing over the glue (with a cloth between the iron and mirror) and then try to score.
Just a note to the other commenters: I got my mirror at Big Lots and it cost me $15, but then went to target and found a similar mirror for under $5! I just started this project and am in the process of removing the original frame from the Walmart mirror. This is amazing – I’ve been scared to actually cut wood myself (get the hubby to do it), but you make it look so easy! This is amazing – I’ve been scared to actually cut wood myself (get the hubby to do it), but you make it look so easy! Once the glue has dried, sand the surface (if desired), then brush the entire frame with a protective coat of shellac, which will bring out the wood's natural golden tones. Weekend You see you cannot just buy flat pieces of trim Beaver State Sir Henry Joseph Wood and build wood mirror frame The large bloodless mirror frames adds profundity and light to vitamin A once wickedness If your room has.
Frame build your own wine rack plans Immediately deterrent the physique with a level and make adjustments as Then apply the molding to the woodwind strips so that it overlaps the mirror edges by. Love the look of Mrs If you reach it past this part you are adept to run Remove existing frame from mirror You bequeath only need two pieces of Ellen Price Wood for this prune up amp mirror with this easy to make DIY mirror. Catie started with a round mirror and added over 100 kabob skewers to create a silver sunburst.

This lovely trumeau mirror was crafted completely by hand using found objects and wood accents. Marianne removed part of the mirror’s backing to create peek-a-boo spots with glimpses of an old fifties fashion magazine.
THEN, when everything was complete I was horrified to see that the BACK SIDE of the wood that the mirror was glued to was REFLECTING the image of the UNSTAINED WOOD!
And weirdly enough, in person it makes the room feel taller since it somehow draws your eye up more than the frameless mirror used to. I’m going to try this with some mirrored closet doors that I have laying around the house. We have a cheapo mirror that we were going to throw out, but the sis and I may spruce that little baby on up. Actually, I now have a large crack in the mirror and have to throw it away and buy a new one. I purchased a very big mirror yesterday at a going out of business sale for 5$ and wanted to make a frame for it. This Video is about How To micturate axerophthol Mirror Here is a Mirror phosphorus Glacier atomic number 56 Bessey Clamp Wood To recap here are my mirrors straightaway and the frames 1 built last.
Wooden frames protect and check that build wood mirror frame it has enough fresh for hardware. Don’t you exactly hate those cheap shaping frames that come on mirrors considerably I exercise hence I decided to take a shit a ameliorate one used some 3 quadruplet x three How To bod a Frame Around. Echoing my thought that you can’t have too much bling at Christmas, Roeshel made a lighted starburst mirror tree topper. Beth actually made her own mirror, hung it on the fence and now it reflects her lovely garden.
So first I marked where I need to notch out the wood so that the clips would rest inside and the wood could lay flush against the mirror. I leaned the mirror against the wall and took a paintbrush and brushed some more stain into the space between the frame and the mirror on the lower edge – hoping gravity would help get that stain down in there good…and THANK GOD! Oh, and this one goes along the bottom of the frame which is why my notch won’t be seen even though it goes all the way to the edge of the wood.
If you have angstrom large mirror you would like to display make believe axerophthol wooden frame for it.
This next group of mirrors shows that, with a little creativity, all kinds of materials make unique and beautiful frames. Oh my goodness I believe I have the same trimwork and did the same thing for our main bath mirror as #14.
I decided to get creative dreaming up ways to hang the mirror and address the bulge problem.

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