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I saw how expensive these were to buy and I thought I could build one for my son in a budget.
There are plenty of different playhouses and backyard playground sets to choose from in the stores today, but sometimes it is actually better to build this kind of thing on your own by following a detailed set of plans. These style forts are more flexible when it comes to design options, and offer easier expansion options so you can add a slide, tire swing, or any number of other accessories.
Building a playset is easier than you might think and can be completed in a single weekend if you have enough people to help out.
Creativity is key when building a playset, so let your imagination run wild when making your own! To build a complete playground, you’ll need to space out a good sized portion of land that can accommodate multiple features.
These plans elaborate on how to add a climbing wall structure to the fort above, which reminds me of a treehouse, minus the tree. Check out this fort made with girls in mind, featuring a stylish front porch area and a feminine touch that most playsets lack. From DIY Network, this fort is pretty large, and definitely requires a lot of time and skill.

A great series of videos by carpentry and woodworking expert Ron Hazelton on how to assemble your own fort. This is an exceptional fort, crafted with raised legs that elevate it off the ground by about six feet.
Ehow brings us this outline explaining how to build a sturdy wooden play structure using 2x4s and some plywood. Built using round landscaping poles, this version can be expanded or slimmed down to your needs and features a crawl tunnel connecting the two units. DIY Network comes through again, with very detailed instructions on how to build a deluxe playhouse.
This entry was posted in Blog, Do It Yourself Kits and Plans, Planning and construction, Resources and tagged backyard playhouse, build your own, diy, diy playset, playset instructions, playset plans, swing set, treehouse. Our COMPLETE JUNGLE GYM KIDS PLAYHOUSE Catalog, PLUS OVER A THOUSAND OF FREE WOODWORKING PLANS, Immediate Download ACCESS!! However these forts require a little more attention to detail, especially because of the angled cuts. This easy to follow set of instructions lays out how to build a simple see-saw that’s safe and fun to use.

We also carry a full line of Plan-it-Play products that includes DIY kits to build your own swingset, fort, along with all the fun add-ons you could want. If you can pull it off, the payoff would result in a giant fort that provides tons of fun for your kids.
Well, feast your eyes on the pallet playhouse, a structure that looks more like a chicken coop.
All that mattered was that the box remain intact so we could use it to build whatever our imagine could conjure up. This is actually a great guide, with solid instructions on how to create not just a playhouse, but a train, and a boat. We took some time to scour the web for some of the best plans that you can use to build the perfect, customized playset for your children.

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