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The Big Green Egg Nests are designed to raise your EGG to a comfortable cooking height while allowing for easy mobility. Fashioned from exotic woods grown in ecologically sustainable forests, Big Green Egg’s unique Hardwood Tables are handcrafted to the highest quality standards.
Each table offers ample and convenient working and serving area for the Large or XLarge EGGs. The EGG is designed to be used in a metal Nest or with a metal Table Nest, which provides air flow beneath the EGG. Our Big Green Egg tables are “Made in the USA” from Cypress Wood, which is a beautiful, straight-grained wood that is excellent for outdoor uses. The Big Green Egg Wooden Mates are used with an EGG in a Nest and provide convenient working or serving space for your EGG.
The Big Green Egg Composite Shelves are used with an EGG in a Nest and provide convenient working or serving space for your EGG. When you are cooking several different foods at once or when preparing meals for a large crowd, our assortment of multi-level grids increases the amount of cooking space in your EGG.

The Plate Setter is used for indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg, providing a barrier between the food and the fire and turning your EGG into an outdoor convection oven. Using a poultry roaster on the EGG will produce the juiciest, most flavorful poultry you’ve ever tasted! The Half Moon Raised Grids with Drip Pan give you the flexibility to cook direct on one half of the EGG and indirect on the other half.
Each year, Big Green Egg grilling enthusiasts from countries across the globe compete in hundreds of sanctioned barbecue contests … carefully mixing their homemade recipes for rubs, sauces and marinades and painstakingly trimming each cut of meat to perfection in their quest to gain the winning edge. The amazing Big Green Egg BBQ Guru gives every championship cook the winning edge – including those who don’t venture beyond their own backyard! The Big Green Egg is so versatile and performs so well that you’ll find it easy to serve up the same recipes and dishes you’re used to seeing the top chefs create. Nests are made of durable porcelain-coated steel and the XLarge, Large, Medium and Small Nests include a bracer bar and two locking casters. The long tables are offered for the XLarge, Large and Medium EGGs and offer ample working and serving space convenient to your EGG.

The compact tables are offered for the Large and Medium EGGs and offer ample working and serving space convenient to your EGG.
The grid folds up to allow for larger dishes, such as roasts or whole chickens and conveniently folds flat for storage.
The DigiQ DX2 temperature control system is designed to hold the desired temperature in your Big Green Egg for hours on end – and is so advanced it will even gradually lower the cooking temperature so foods won’t overcook. Made from warm Tropical Mahogany wood, each table is a durable and unique work of art so beautiful that you’ll want to use them indoors! Nothing will contribute greater versatility to your outdoor cooking than adding a Plate Setter to your accessories collection.

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