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Winning The Australian Furniture Design Award in 1986 for the range of Colonial inspired cedar furniture he designed. LEFT The pride of John Buttsworth’s collection – the set of ten Classic Colonial cedar chairs in situ in his then dining room in Balmain.
This image is from Historic Places in Australia, Volume Two, page 22, and is shown courtesy of The Australian Council of National Trusts. As a result of 40 years of buying cedar furniture I am well known to the major auction houses and have an extensive network for seeking-out colonial furniture.

Australian Furniture Pictorial History and Dictionary 1788 - 1938 by Kevin Fahy & Andrew SimpsonOne of the leading reference works on Australian furniture. Also some Classic Colonial cedar chairs, an Early Colonial Chiffonier with a Classic Grecian backboard, turned pilasters and bun feet, circa 1835; and a grand cedar gentleman’s chair circa 1845.
Beginning in 1967, I had a clearance auction in 1976, and then in 1987 my collection was auctioned by Sotheby’s (as part of a divorce settlement), and described as the most extensive cedar furniture collection to ever go to auction. I don’t have a warehouse-full, or stock-of cedar furniture, rather, I am on the look-out for good original pieces, and offer them for sale or for auction as I find and restore, them.

Individual chairs from the set are illustrated in Australian Colonial Furniture, page 26, Australian Antiques, First Fleet to Federation, page 45, and Nineteenth Century Australian Furniture, page 311.
I also wrote a book, Australian Colonial Furniture (Colonial Living Press 1987, 140pp, 62 colour plates) that is a Guidebook to understanding and dating Australian Antique Furniture.

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