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We are pleased to offer original art work of culture, nature and wildlife by artist across several African nations, including carvings and paintings of Lions and other wild cats, Elephants, Monkeys and most famous of all, Masaai tribes. Skillfully carved from African wood by the craftspeople of  the Artisans`Village in Senegal, West Africa and brought directly from them to you.
The art of one of South Africa's greatest expressionist painters has been put on show by the University of Salford after the institution received nearly 100 paintings, drawings and prints.

Among the other personal items on show are African wood carvings, which Adams used as both reminders of his home and inspirations for his work. His painting South Africa 1959, which hangs in the Johannesburg Art Gallery, has become known as the South African Guernica.
The artist had strong links to the area, as his father was born in India and came to South Africa with Gandhi in 1914.

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