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Way back in Sept '07 after completing new extension and outfeed tables for my tablesaw, I said that my next project was going to be a relatively traditional woodworking bench based on a design by Lon Schleining which was first published in FWW a few years ago (see the copy on my extension table) . Then, last December, while working on my second adjustable height assembly table (for a magazine article), I wondered if the adjustable legs I designed and built for those tables could be adapted to a woodworking bench such that the bench would be strong and stable. I subsequently changed the location of the stretchers from the fixed legs to the adjustable legs. Since I already had an indexing jig set up to cut the leg notches for the assembly table legs, I decided to make the woodworking bench legs at the same time, using some beech I had sitting around the shop- that was over 9 months ago. End view showing top and bottom draw bored tenon pins on legs and wedged through tenons on stretchers. The adjustable height mechanism works very, very well (as good or better than the ones on my assembly tables). At first glance, I'd think that it would tend to rack quite a bit back and forth under pressure, particularly since the load is on the narrow inner legs. However, after looking at it closer, I see how you designed the inner legs so they nest inside the outer ones with the arrow head shaped profile. Pollard's all-new all-welded Heavy Duty Bench Drawers feature a redesigned drawer body for increased storage space and 20" Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides with disconnect for durable (up to 100 lbs per drawer!) and dependable use.
I couldn’t link to the search results on Sears, so just search for¬†Gladiator adjustable height work bench.

When price is factored in, the 6-foot Seville is a better buy for those that don’t need the height adjustability or robustness of the 6-foot Gladiator.
For users looking for a store-bought bench, the Gladiator adjustable height models are an excellent choice.
However the location of the stretchers on the initial design would likely have make it difficult or impossible to lift the top to adjust the bench height. No through bolts or plugs are visible on the end vise face or free end aprons of the bench. In addition, these Bench Legs have an extra center upright support for stability and center stringer mounting. Comparing the 6-foot Seville to the 6-foot adjustable-height Gladiator, the Seville has 6-legs and 1,000 lb capacity, the Gladiator 4-legs and 3,000 lb capacity.
For a classroom setting, the Seville Classics HD workbench might be a better choice since you probably don’t need height adjustability. I’ve been looking at electronics benches, and one has a 5,000 lb weight capacity, even with smaller legs and a thinner laminate top.
The Gladiator legs are a little wider and the industrial workbenches were factory assembled, but still, color me impressed. Work Benches > Hand-Crank Adjustable WorkbenchThis workbench is perfect for multiple users.

The WW bench is too new to tell how much I will use the adjustable height, but as I said, if I need the capability, I have it. This also allows for various bench length additions to fit the available space, all just as solid and stable as the first. The patented adjustable leg allows the Nec-A-Nec table to be adjusted in height anywhere from 20 to 25 inches. I even made a vertical pull-out panel with 18″ Geartracks that glided out from beneath my workbench.
A few lag screws into the tabletop, a few bolts through the legs, a little elbow grease, and the workbench was assembled. Fixed Height, Adjustable Height and Mobile Bench Legs are stock items and are available for quick shipment.

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