Target Room Essentials 6 Drawer Dresser,Woodcraft Rikon,Wood Hand Saw Home Depot - PDF Review

You can attach this double drawer dresser to the wall with the anti-topple bracket to help keep it upright.
With plenty of deep spacious drawers and shelving that'll give you oodles of room for all your uber-cool threads, this Room Essentials Wardrobe totally fits the bill.
And with its sleek, straight lines highlighted by some sleek angular edges, this fabulous wooden dresser has a zesty contemporary flair that's sure to keep in step with any style trends for years to come.

This awesome wardrobe cabinet will give you and your family lots of invaluable storage and organizational options for whichever room in the house you choose. The Room Essentials 4-drawer dresser offers ample storage space to keep your clothes organized.
With a satin espresso finish, this wooden dresser gives a modern and contemporary look to any decor.

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