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This presentation will help you gain insight into the not-so-mysterious language of design, learn how to cut through the clutter and confusion and enable your creative resources to produce beautiful and meaningful work. How to use effective language and graphics with various audiences to promote race equity and inclusion as part of a mission. Learn to plan for a reputation attack, assess real and potential attacks, and determine if and how to respond. All organizations need to know how to identify issues that can become a crisis and have the tools on hand to minimize these vulnerabilities.
The explosive growth of mobile and social platforms has transformed how we find, read, and share.
Farhad Manjoo, tech columnist for The New York Times, sat down with Network Board member and Knight Foundation Vice President of Communications Andrew Sherry to discuss the future of how we communicate, the disruptions to come, and whether or not robots will take your job.
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Every good communicators knows that storytelling is a compelling way to make your case, change hearts and minds, and create change.
It will also help you identify ways to choose and measure outcomes, how to create powerful stories with the data you have, and what the best practices are for visualizing that data.
Racial disparities and inequities are at the heart of many ideas that funders seek to move, yet the sensitivity and complexity of these issues makes them hard to discuss.
I think what seems to be happening is we’re seeing an acceleration of the trend that has been going on for a while, which is these huge platforms like Facebook and Twitter and others are becoming a more and more central part of how people get their news and get information. Facebook has launched this thing called Instant Articles, which just makes a new story load up much more quickly. I just wonder, we all work for organizations that are trying to make the world a better place in some way, but a lot of it is basically responding to existing problems and trying to help them. I don’t think there is that analog for software, for artificial intelligence and how artificial intelligence is going to change the world for the better or the worse. I read a column about technology and society and how technology is changing business and what we’re doing, and usually it takes the form of some kind of argument.

It’s a major transition from what we were doing with technology a decade ago, which was mostly software and changing how people communicate online. This is good because it will last a long time, but also because it won’t foul the water as some wood can as it decays.
It actually makes more sense to work on automation to replace a lawyer or doctor because those people are costly. If people are talking about it that makes me happy, and if people aren’t talking about it I get very sad. The only reason I don’t do it is because I have two children, and it would be a lot of time, but just a little bit of makeup would be great. Facebook is a private company, and it has First Amendment rights to decide editorially how it wants to present news to you.

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