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If you have some scrap wood lying around, you can make use of it in the garden by building a cucumber trellis. When planting cucumbers, space can maximized by training the vines to climb upwards using a trellis, rather than outwards on the ground. Plant the cucumber seeds in mid to late spring, after the soil has had a chance to warm up. Plant the cucumber seeds 1 inch deep about 4 inches apart if vines are to be trained to grow up on the trellis.

This trellis can be used to grow anything from beans and peas to flowers like Clematis and Morning Glory. I built mine in a pyramid shape (plans and instructions below), but you can use your imagination on how it looks. It is best to use string stretched between two posts, a coated wire cage, or a wooden trellis (as shown here). Treated lumber will last longer, but if you'll only be using it for one or two growing seasons any wood will do.

Place a couple sandbags at the bottom and tie the trellis down so the wind doesn't knock it over before the vines take hold. After you have the two A frames, lean them in towards each other at the same angle as you built them – use the remaining top braces as guides.

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