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I’m a big fan of free weights, especially dumbbells, and for working my biceps I almost always use them.
The main advantage of using dumbbells is that most of the exercises allow us to perform the full range of motion.
We can also handle heavier weights in case we want to improve the strength of the arms or want to grow the muscle mass.
Seated Concentration CurlThis bicep dumbbell workout is pretty good to make your biceps bulky.
In my opinion, if somebody does not use dumbbell exercises for biceps training he makes a huge mistake.This simple fitness equipment let us perform various, very efficient movements to work the upper and lower part of the arms. Hence, several other muscles are activated in order to keep the stability of the body and to perform the move accurately.

However, there are several variations that work the muscles from a different angle and the different parts of it.The most common one is the simple standing biceps curl when you lower the dumbbells next to you, and your palms are opposite to each other.
It is very important to avoid using your body to pull the weight up, do the motion slowly and precisely. With the help of bicep dumbbell exercises, we can strengthen and tone all part of the bicep muscles.
This practice may need more power and concentration since you cannot cheat with using other muscles.
In order to get the results, you want from this exercise never utilize your upper body to lift the weight. Concentrate on the muscles, do the motion slowly and hold the weight for a sec before lifting it up.

In my opinion, it is useful to target the lower part of the biceps muscles.Here is a tutorial. That is enough for me but watch the video below for an example routine that you can do at home. You can do almost all these moves with cable or resistance band, if you are a beginner or you do not like weight training.

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