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Everyone wants a six-pack and everyone wants to increase core strength, but should you do abs exercises every day to accomplish that goal? The short answer to the first question is yes, you can train your abs every day, but I don’t think you should train your abs every day. Here's powerlifter Ivan Stoitsov who purportedly does not do any abs exercises, yet he sports an impressive six-pack. One big misconception about exercise is that you need to do abs exercises in order to get a six-pack, or even a stronger core. Just about everyone I’ve ever consulted, or trained has moderate, to severe posture problems from a sedentary lifestyle. The idea that you can remove stubborn body fat from one particular body part could be the most prevalent myth in the fitness industry.
Having a six-pack is like the international sign of fitness, but working out abs every day is unnecessary. A better approach would be to work out your abs intensely 2-3x per week using circuits to get a great abs workout in much less time, which is what I personally do.

Not only can working out abs every day lead to postural problems, but also muscle imbalances. Even worse, if you do get your rectus abdominus too strong relative to your other abs and lower back muscles, you may be more susceptible to injury. While having nice abs is like the international sign of fitness, there are much more effective ways to work out your abs then to do a bunch of crunches every day!
It’s not even necessary completely to perform core movement exercises to see your abs.
Your abs complex, which is all your abs muscles are comprised of the rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, internal obliques, and external obliques.
I am a 19 year old petite girl who is an active runner, former dancer and have been doing p90x for 5 months. I completely agree, I see so many of my martial arts students do abs, abs, abs, but they never work on their ‘CORE’ which is your entire midsection anterior AND posterior! I must admit I trained my abs everyday for about more or less 3 months up to now, indeed I notice some muscle imbalance in my abdomen.

After doing sprint training for two to three weeks I started noticing faster results overall and more of my msucle definition that I had built over p90x. Actually when I skipped a day and proceed abs training the next day I feel ease doing abs training, probably the person above me is right, that it has to rest at least 96 hours before performing it again. I just wanted to thank you for posting articles like these that help remind me that sprint training can be more effective than doing crunches every day. Powerlifter, is obviously a very genetically gifted person not to have done any direct abs exercises.

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