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Before you fully understand that, you need to know the fundamentals about weight loss and what’s really going on.
We can not ignore the fact that contraceptive pills with high proportion of estrogen may cause fluid retention in the body, especially if it is containing 50 mg of estrogen and more.
Studies had been Conducted on the contraceptive pills was focusing on the different levels of estrogen that the pills contain, and it was proved that pills with estrogen level less than 20 milligrams lead to lose weight while pills containing 30 mg have no affect on weight, but those that contain more than 50 mg leads to fluid retention and thereby increase the weight . During the past years many cases of reflex effect on insulin resistance appeared, especially with the use of those old pills with a high doses, and even recent studies have indicated that the pills which currently used leads to a  high levels of insulin. Not all women are Susceptible to insulin resistance and therefore not all of them are Susceptible to gain weight with the use of contraceptives pregnancy .

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What you hear on the TV and read in magazines is mostly fluff and junk to make you buy some pill or shake… something like that.

Different things work for different people and I was lucky enough to find one that worked for me.
Studies have shown that women who use contraceptives pills are more likely to be overweight compared by others .

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