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To start and speed up your recovery, there are certain supplements to help you recover faster. As a post workout recovery aid, green supplements are a great aid to replenishing energy stores and fortifying the body with anti-oxidants to combat the effects of free radical damage. The branch chain amino acids are used by the body for energy when your glycogen stores are depleted instead of muscle tissue. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you to keep your mood and energy levels balanced, improve concentration and motivation, optimize hormone levels, improve insulin and maximize your performance during your workout.
Smart supplementation will allow you to replenish your energy quickly after your workout while flipping your body from a catabolic to an anabolic state. You should be able to find a quality post workout formulation that combines most, if not, all of our essential 5 CrossFit supplements so you get the optimal recovery.
Of course, getting your lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats through your meals is essential. The idea of getting a whole day’s worth of green vegetables in a once daily serving seems to be very inviting to a lot of people.

Studies have shown that green supplements taken right after a workout can actually slow down the muscle regeneration process by depressing the release of insulin which will, in turn slow down the speed at which your cells recover.
The best way to get carbs into your system after training is to take a post workout carb drink.
During the night time, your body is able to get to work restoring, rebuilding and replacing muscle tissue. A sleep supplement could well be the difference between progressing and spinning your wheels with your workouts. At the end of your WOD, your body is breaking down muscle fiber and totally depleted of glycogen. It will immediately take on anabolic properties, finding it’s way straight into the bloodstream and, from there, to the muscles cells of your body. When selecting your whey powder, look for whey protein isolate which is 90% pure protein per serving. For that reason you should take a single green supplement daily, but wait until 3 hours have elapsed after your workout.

Apart from protein, your body needs glycogen to resupply the blood sugar level in your blood stream. You want a post workout that will deliver 50-60 grams of clean carbohydrate directly into your blood stream, without the addition of artificial fillers or sweeteners. Branch Chain Amino Acids are necessary post workout to get your body out of a catabolic state.
If you want to make progress in your training, you have to consistently get a good night’s sleep.

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