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Okay, for the taste and mix category – from reading multiple user reviews, I can tell you that this is where Xpand 2X culd use some work. Along with the caffeine, B Vitamins and Tyrosine mentioned, they also use a combination of BCAA’s, Glutamine, and NO Boosters. The label doesn’t indicate the exact amount of Creatine, but we can pretty safely assume it is between 1-2 grams.
Those amino acids are an especially nice touch to help your recovery process kick in while working out and get your muscles repairing quickly.

I found the lowest ratings coming from the Fruit Punch flavor, so if you want to try this, stay away from that flavor! The average persons review says that their focus is pretty excellent, though more than 1 scoop was necassary. It also uses the ingredient that makes your skin tingle called Beta Alanine, which has also been proven to promote gains in strength.
For the more experienced user, I’d have to say there are better options open to you like Assault or Scream.

If you are a runner, or perform more endurance type of exercises, this could also be a good option because of the BCAA’s and Glutamine which help to keep your body from getting into a catabolic state as you workout.

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