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Circuit 1 – alternate 1a, 1b, 1a, 1b, etc until 3 sets of each exercise have been performed.
Below are five of the best bodyweight exercises that will help you build muscle safely on the road, at home or in the gym. Chin-Ups: Your palms are facing towards you and there is a greater emphasis placed upon the biceps. Chin and pull-ups are both great exercises that will help you build a strong back and big arms. The best is the one that suits your goals, but world-renowned strength coach, Jason Ferruggia, advocates parallel-grip chin-ups (palms facing each other). Push-ups are a great exercise for beginners and they are much safer on the shoulders than the bench press, but they quickly become too easy. Diamond push-ups: To perform a diamond push-up place your hands close together so the tips of your thumbs and index fingers touch. Feet-elevated push-ups: Get into the position of a regular push-up, but elevate your feet by placing them on a stable surface, or in the foot handles of a TRX. Handstand push-ups: Handstand push-ups target the shoulders, rather than the chest, but they are still a great full-body movement. One-armed push-ups: One-armed push-ups are a big jump from regular push-ups, but they are extremely impressive to see. Pistol squats hit just about every muscle in the lower-body, and develop great balance, stabilization, coordination and athleticism. As effective as they are, they’re pretty difficult and will take some time to work up to. With that in mind, you should work towards them slowly by following a series of progressions.
Some variation of rows should be included in your exercise routine to build a strong upper and middle back. For that reason, I much prefer using a TRX, which you can use anywhere and makes it easy to adjust the difficulty by increasing or decreasing the angle at which you row. I suggest you get started with the Beginner Bodyweight Workout, which you can get by signing up for the newsletter at the end of this post. Following the progressions of each exercise will enable to continually make progress and build muscle. Picking up a TRX will make these progressions easier, and the best thing about it is that it can go with you anywhere. To start building muscle as soon as possible with nothing but your bodyweight, sign up for the newsletter below and I’ll send you a free copy of the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. Travel Strong is an award-winning blog helping over 100,000 monthly readers get stronger, leaner, and fitter, anywhere. These rotator cuff exercises will help improve your strength for lifting, overhead movements and throwing. Adjust the level of resistance by stepping closer to or further from the door during the exercise.

With your arms out to the side and elbows straight, slowly roll your arms forward, down, back and up as shown. This is the smallest standard poster size they are ideal for gym bulletin boards for gym mangers or owners. If you need a larger size for your home or gym, amazon has a Laminated Bicep and Forearm Poster that you can purchase.
From someone who keeps you on time to someone to always have for a spot when you need it, taking a buddy to the gym is an excellent way to maximize your productivity.
Overhead Pass with Squat (Over Unders): Stand back to back with one person holding a medicine ball. Keeping the arms straight and the core tight, Person 1 swings the ball from the outside of the body to the inside and tosses the ball to Person 2. To build muscle, you need to continually challenge yourself and apply the principle of progressive overload.
They can be done alongside a program including weights, or entirely on their own whilst travelling. This is because it is easiest on the shoulders and elbows, which helps prevent injury in the long run. If you reach this stage you can make the exercise more difficult by adding weight (gripping a bag or dumbbell between your legs), or by progressing to one-armed variations. The space between your hands should form a diamond shape, like what you would do at a Jay-Z concert. Rather than trying to walk you through it myself, I suggest you check out this video series by Jordan Syatt.
A planche involves holding your body parallel to the ground and takes a great deal of strength and balance. Even if you have the strength to perform them straight away, you might not have the balance or flexibility to perform them safely. In a gym, you would perform these by positioning the bar in a Smith Machine low in the rack, lying underneath it on the ground, and then pulling yourself towards the bar. The concept is no different from incrementally increasing the weight you would use in a gym.
The ebook contains a circuit that is perfect for building up a foundational level of strength that will allow you move on to tougher progressions in no time.
Join over 25,000 others and get your FREE copy of The Beginner Bodyweight Workout eBook, proven fat loss tips, and lots more:SEND ME THE GOODIES! I think it’s one of the most neglected concepts both in the gym, and when it comes to bodyweight training.
These exercise charts illustrates the bicep exercises whether you are at home or at the gym.
Also, there are a number of exercises that can be taken to another level if you have a partner. This allows you to choose which exercises you would like to do for how long you would like to workout.

Person 2 lets momentum take the ball to the outside of their body and then tosses the ball back to Person 1. Once you can do this for 60 seconds, try pressing up and down to perform the handstand push-up. The split squat is performed by elevating one of your feet behind you and using your front leg to lunge down. At home or on the road, you can mimic this movement by getting underneath a table or desk, gripping the edge, and then pulling yourself towards the table. Except, this way, you can train anywhere and you will eventually be able to perform an incredibly impressive bodyweight movement.
Also, keep your arms 12 inches (or further) away from your sides as you stretch back Adjust the level of resistance to moderate by stepping closer to or further from the door during the exercise. Slowly raise your arms so that they are fully overhead but about 9-12 inches away from your ears. It was reaffirmed to me that many people have a strong desire to strength train but may lack the knowledge of where to start. The sizes available is a  800 by 1200 pixel jpg or a large 11 by 17 inch (3300 by 5100 pixels) poster size. These posters are great attention grabbers for makes great decorating and motivation items. Person 1 lunges forward with the right foot while Person 2 simultaneously lunges forward with the right foot. Perform 10 reps throwing from left-to-right and then turn around for 10 reps from right-to-left.
Again, the TRX is useful here because you transition easily from feet-elevated push-ups to this variation.
Person 2 takes the ball and rotates all the way to the right and passes the ball back to Person 1 (who has rotated left). Person 1 passes the ball to Person 2 while down in the lunge and then return to the starting position. I’m sharing with you my top six leg machines and combining them into one killer lower body workout. Perform 10 times and then switch roles (if you rolled the first time now you’re the one passing overhead). If you feel discomfort with this exercise, try limiting the motion or substituting the 'T' raise for now. You can maintain your spine in a better, more erect position when rolling the ball versus reaching to pass it.

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