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Even Pauly D expressed concern at a recent event in Las Vegas over his former costar’s dramatically thinner figure, which she has been flaunting nonstop on twitter.
In comparison, Snooki looked smaller in December 2012 even though she’d given birth to Lorenzo just a few months prior. Not that Courteney is by any means a poster child for weight loss, as she has suffered with her own weight issues, but I think in Snooki’s case, what she said is true.
I realize you put quotes around perfect, but I think even the idea of loosely calling someone else’s weight perfect when you have no idea what they live like is dangerous. I was wondering the same thing her face looks different somehow…maybe it’s the new teeth?
She obviously has an extremely tiny frame, because even at this weight, she doesn’t look too thin.
Snooki said she lost the weight in 6 months which is healthy amount of time to lose 40 lbs. She’s been posting photos of her new figure all over her Instagram account, and the results are rather shocking.

While on the show, he recalls, “Snooki told us all how she had battled an eating disorder in high school.
Then again, Snooks isn’t as dumb as she portrays herself to be on television, so it could all be an act too.
I speak from experience while attesting that breast tissue doesn’t regain elasticity after weight loss, and after losing a bunch of weight a few years ago, my own boobs are definitely much more deflated than after I nursed my daughter over a decade ago.
However, according to what she claims she lost 40 pounds in 6 months, which isn’t exactly alarming.
Kylie Minogue is same height, and no one ever says she looks emaciated from being the weight she is. Yes she has lost a lot and looks much better, but she needs to take care of herself properly so she can take care of her baby properly. Why don’t people go to her instagram and pull pictures of her working out with her trainer and say she’s fit and healthy? She looks like Ross in that episode of Friends where he oven-whitens his teeth and creeps the hell out of everybody.

Instead, she looks horsey in the face, making her already thin upper lips look seemingly non-existent. She is what, 4’8 or something so 85 pounds doesnt seem as skeletal as it would for someone of average height.
I follow Snooki on instagram (don’t judge), and she seems to be shedding weight in a very healthy way. It doesn’t look like this by any stretch of the imagination, even taking into account frame size. After reading she has struggled with eating disorders in the past, she is at risk and I doubt she knows how to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy manner.
You’re apparantly better off getting your antioxidants from veggies and fruit, which have plenty and other benefits too.

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