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Studies show that women that lift weights regularly burn more calories both during and after their workout.
This workout consists of supersets of stability exercises and strength exercises, challenging the same muscle group. As always, warm up and cool down for five minutes on cardio machine of choice and rest one complete minute between sets.
Many women (my old self included!) are afraid of the weight room due to concerns around getting "bulky" or "big." Women tend to report that they would like to "tone" their muscles and spend hours doing cardio and lifting pink weights. So, when you see women bodybuilders that are really big, remember that those women lift full time, eat a TON and potentially use testosterone supplements (read: steroids). 3timeknive on House of Supplements Product Review ~ Grenade .50 Calibre Pre-WorkoutAl Longbrake on Abs That Make Your Jaw Drop Vol.
However, the two things I will never switch are my Glutamine Select and my Chocolate UMP from Beverly International!

However I just visited a friend in Georgia and got to go on base to train and that was the best gym I’ve ever been to. Nothing’s worse then being in the middle of a workout and needing a weight and their is someone with 8 different dumbbells all around them.
This is winning my heart and I hope to continue to grow in the fitness industry, get my name out there, inspire, motivate people and continue to be the trainer I was when I started that was SO passionate about changing lives.
These benefits include: more defined muscles, stronger bones, injury prevention AND increased calorie burn and fat loss. Too much cardio and you'll end up burning fat and some muscle -- not exactly what we're looking for! Michelle has over 350+ clients worldwide and lives to help people to reach their goals and transform them into their dream bodies!
My ultimate life goal is to continue to grow my company and reach out to as many girls and guys who have felt the same way I once did.

Lifting really revolutionized my fitness ability, not to mention makes me feel powerful, strong and awesome after every workout. I had the honor of handing out awards and I turned around to get in line and I see my #1 inspiration and about died! It was my weak spot for a long time & after a brutal off season of heavy food and 2 shoulder days a week, they’re finally growing!! With that and me falling in love with running (because running would “make me bulky” hehe) I found myself a year later at 104lbs, size 0!
Funny what happens when you stick to the plan, have patience & work hard every single day!

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