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CB-1 Weight Gainer Customers will receive a free Weight Gain Guidebook with their orders of the weight gain pills. Supragenix will begin to send out their new full color Weight Gain Guidebooks today with all orders of CB-1 Weight Gainer. Previous to using this Weight Gain Guidebook, CB-1 Weight Gainer included a two page Nutritional Guide in every order of the weight gain pills. The remaining 22 pages of the Weight Gain Guidebook include what the company says is “everything a customer will need to know to successfully gain weight fast.” It explains calories, supplements, diet choices and exercise regimens. The new Weight Gain Guidebook took a couple months to create as the founder of CB-1 Weight Gainer worked in correlation with graphic artists and researchers to make the guidebook a comprehensive and valuable asset to customers who use CB-1 Weight Gainer.

Supragenix was founded in 2010 and has helped thousands of users reach and maintain their goal weight through their weight gain pill called CB-1 Weight Gainer.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. This full-color guidebook will help CB-1 Weight Gainer users better understand how to gain weight fast. This 24 page Guidebook will help CB-1 users better understand how to take the weight gain pills as well as teach useful weight gain tips; including information covering calories, exercise, nutrition and CB-1 Weight Gainer reviews. This full color booklet also provides a Tools and Worksheets section, a Recommended Daily Schedule, a Roadmap to Success and various before and after pictures of successful CB-1 Weight Gainer users.

It is an is an all-natural weight gain supplement designed to increase appetite and slow down the metabolism so users can get the extra calories they need to gain weight fast.

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