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Protein shakes recipes don’t have to be boring, uneventful combinations of water and your favorite protein powder. Half of these items are perishable, while the other half can sit in your cupboard for quite some time. Chocolate and Red Pepper – Your favorite chocolate protein powder with some real dark chocolate and red pepper to taste. Morning Jolt – Protein powder of choice, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, dash of instant coffee grounds (or added black coffee), dark chocolate, whole milk. Paradise Shake – Fresh pineapple in milk, vanilla protein powder, small amount of blueberries and a dash of vanilla extract. Heavy cream, cream cheese, mascarpone and Greek yogurt are an excellent way to add flavor, calories and creaminess to your protein shake. This is a healthy and natural whipped topping that can be placed on top of any protein shake. Don’t be afraid to toss in a little dark chocolate or cocoa powder into your fruity protein powder. Instead of making a protein shake, combine fruit, protein powder, Greek yogurt and a dollop or two of cream cheese or mascarpone and make a tasty smoothie.
If you are on a cutting or fat loss diet it can be difficult finding creative ways to sneak in quality fats.
If you love peanut butter (or nut butter), add a dollop or two into your favorite chocolate protein powder.
A summer trip is easily one of the most anticipated events of the year-the chance to get away from work and to relax with your loved ones is priceless. With all of the excitement, it’s not surprising that most people unknowingly end up gaining a pound each day of their vacation. Vacations are the perfect place to gain weight since it’s the last thing on your mind.
So often exercise is looked at as a chore, but vacations are the perfect time to really enjoy a good workout. Virtually every hotel these days has some type of workout room equipped with cardio machines, dumbbells and a universal machine. Vacations are also a great time to take your workout outdoors; take a run on the beach or do sprints, pushups and crunches on a grassy field. When traveling it is easy to go for hours without a meal-between flights and long drives food sometimes isn’t readily available. Avoid this yo-yo of starvation and overindulgence by carrying healthy snacks with you and eating something every three hours. While we all know that eating in is usually healthier than eating out, on the road you simply don’t have a choice – all of your vacations meals will be eaten out.
I think that all of these tips are great; but do you think that indulging in small decadence’s of food, then working out will balance out the cravings of rich foods and weight gain? I personally guarantee the lessons I've learned about gaining weight and building muscle can save you months (even years) of wasted time and effort. Not only that, it's the same system that's helped hundreds of my personal training clients to gain weight and build muscle faster than they ever thought possible!
And you're good and ready to start seeing eye-popping gains in just a few short weeks from now, this will be the most important message you ever read. For years but never seemed to get any where, so I searched the internet for some info and that's when I found your site and reading what you had to say made a lot of sense. So I downloaded your program and never looked back :o), I find going to the gym more enjoyable now as i'm only there 30-45 mins which also means I can get there more often too. It takes advantage of the seven irrefutable laws of science and physiology behind rapid gains in weight and muscle growth. These simple eating changes combined with your new workout routine will dramatically help you pack on more muscle in the next 60 days than you have in the past six months.
Gained 20 Pounds In 6 WeeksShawn, I just wanted to say that I am about to go into week six of your program and I have gone from 136 to 156.
Gained 35 PoundsOn a personal note, about two years ago my appendix ruptured inside of me and I was given a 40% chance of living through surgery.
Tim JonesYour ebook seven things you must do to gain muscle,weight and increase strength is excellent.
Gained 15 PoundsMy flat bench has increased from 80 lbs to 110, Incline bench from 40 lbs to 90 lbs and my decline bench press from 40 lbs to 90 lbs. Gained 24 Pounds In 10 WeeksShawn, you've been able to simplify all the scientific research of mental, physical, and nutritional information regarding weight gain, and condense it into a very clearly explained program.
If this was the case, we'd all be walking around with 21-inch arms and 230 pounds of solid muscle. The good news is; this weight gain system was designed by a bodybuilder, but it's not just for bodybuilders.
They're teachers, parents, business owners, lawyers, doctors, high school students, college athletes, and more. But the gains I was making each week outshined the gains I was making in years prior to learning the secrets.

I'm going to instantly save you thousands of dollars and 16 years of experience on what doesn't work. Within minutes of downloading this eye-opening information, you'll probably get a little angry— not with me— but with yourself, once you learn all the things you've been doing wrong that have actually prevented you from gaining weight this whole time. You don't have to spend all those years or shell out the $500 dollars figuring this stuff out like I did. I've condensed everything you need to know into a common sense, step-by-step plan you'll benefit from immediately. Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to say YES, I want to sweeten the pot and give you the following special bonus gifts for acting right now . This 6 page special report contains the absolute vital steps you need to take in order to gain the most weight in the least amount of time. And in the next 4 to 8 weeks, you'll use all the tips, tricks, tools, and secrets to pack on at least 20 pounds of solid muscle mass.
Click on the secure link below and order with your credit card or check online and you'll be downloading the ebook in just a minute.
A 6-page special report that cuts through the BS and gives you a weight gain checklist you can use to gain weight faster! And also, 2 more free "surprise bonuses" that are worth the price of my course, many times over! There's no shipping and handling charges and you get the download link to the ebook and bonuses within minutes after purchase. 1) The fastest way to order "7 Things You Must Do To Gain Weight" is with a credit card via our secure online form. You can also order online with your checking account or PayPal using this same secure form.
If you're not completely thrilled with the Hardgainer's Bible, just let me know and I'll promptly refund every single penny of your investment. A question most often asked by those who are just getting started in bodybuilding, especially those who are teenagers, is which supplements are best for gaining weight quickly and for bulking up.
Weight gainers are protein shakes whose protein source consists mainly of whey proteins (mostly concentrate with some isolate as well). Flaxseed oil is a polyunsaturated oil that is high in the Omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs); one of the two essential fats that the body needs. Creatine is a metabolite produced in the body composed of three amino acids: l-methionine, l-arginine and l-glycine. These tablets are a great source of beef liver and bodybuilders have been using them for decades in order to obtain the values offered by beef proteins. These are the type of supplements that you can take if you plan to compete, if you have the budget to try them, and only if you are older than 25 when the hormonal production begins to decline. He is also an internationally known best selling fitness author with a very successful franchise of books called "The Body Sculpting Bibles" which collectively have sold over a million copies. This article provides suggestions and tips on how to make flavorful and nutritious protein drink recipes. You can actually turn them into mini-meals, filled with tons of nutritional value, macronutrient variety and taste.
Two cups whole milk, one cup heavy cream, a dollop or two of mascarpone, protein powder and flavors of choice.
If you aren’t hitting your daily macro requirements for fat, or if you missed a meal, try adding a small amount of almond milk or coconut oil into your shakes.
If you hate, hate, hate veggies, try finely chopping up a golf-ball sized portion of spinach. Add your favorite protein powder to coffee, and combine with other flavors such as vanilla extract, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, almond milk, heavy cream, etc. Find as many low to non-processed food choices as you can, and ask yourself if there is a creative way to incorporate them into protein shakes. They are popular for a reason, and when combined correctly, can be made into amazing and tasty protein shakes. And if you’re going on a cruise then your weight gain may be closer to two pounds each day.
Keep the following tips in mind as you embark on your summer adventure and you may come home fitter than when you left. You won’t be rushing home from work trying to squeeze in a few minutes at the gym, rather the vacation workout can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. If you are taking a cruise then you are in for a real treat – most workout facilities on cruise ships have huge windows that look out onto the ocean. If you want more ideas of workouts you can do using just your body weight then give me a call or send me an email. A handful of almonds, a piece of fruit or a small protein bar are fantastic options to keep on hand. Fried foods contain more fat and calories than other options, they are also likely to give you heartburn and indigestion-two things you don’t need spoiling your vacation. And when you get back into town call or email me for a fitness and fat loss consultation and I’ll show you a step-by-step plan for getting you the body that you deserve – in less time than you think.

Everyone in the GYM is asking what I'm on and I tell them all to go out and check out your website.
In fact, this one small change in your routine is the SINGLE most important thing you can do to gain muscle and guarantees a killer workout every single time! I knew I could still help more people end their frustrating fight with being underweight and skinny. During my weeks of recovery I was put on a liquid diet and as a result I lost about 20 pounds. Since reading your information, I have gained 35 pounds (I now weigh 145) and I am well on my way to my goal of 170. I have just got to the part when your talking about reps and sets and so far I have learned a ton.
I have already increase my lifts (weight Wise) and have gained 15 pounds, while losing inches in my waist. And now they don't have to spend a ton of money on worthless supplements or live in the gym all day to get results. It includes my exact training routine, the exercises I did, and the number of sets and reps I used. If you're not completely thrilled with this guide — for any reason (or for no reason at all) — simply let me know and I'll send you a lightning-fast refund — no questions asked!! Assuming that all of the rules that are presented in my Weight Gain And Bulking Up Rules For The Natural Bodybuilder article, are being followed, then the supplements presented below will be of great help to those who are looking to gain weight and bulk up as quickly as possible. Once it reaches the muscles, it is converted into phosphocreatine (creatine phosphate), which is then used to regenerate the muscles' ultimate energy source, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) thus allowing for more repetitions at any given weight.
It is released from the muscle during times of stress (such as hard weight training workouts) and dieting.
The key thing for liver tablets to be useful is that they need to be manufactured with the highest grade of beef liver and they also need to be purified from the fat, cholesterol and other impurities that are contained in the liver. Teenagers, in my opinion, should stay away from any supplement that has an effect on hormonal levels as there is no need to upset a teens delicate hormonal balance.
Hugo is also author of the very popular “Body Re-Engineering” e-book, which teaches you how to gain lean muscle mass and get lean without drugs, or fancy expensive supplements, using the secrets he devised after many years of weight problems as a child. Packed with protein, carbohydrates, and calories, Naturade Weight Gain will enhance your fitness and weight training routine and deliver more mass and energy. They are merely suggestions, and items that can help you make some tremendous protein shakes.
You can even ice your concoction, then blend with ice cubes for a refreshing ice coffee drink.
Watch out for extra large portions-don’t be afraid to take a doggie bag back to your room (assuming of course that you have a refrigerator). I lost 10 pounds from being sick and within 2 weeks I have regained that 10 pounds using your program, and I plan to gain 20 more.
These products have a high carbohydrate content; typically in the form of maltodextrin (a high glycemic complex carb) and fructose (simple sugar originating from fruits). Because on a very simplistic level, without vitamins and minerals it would be impossible to covert the food that we eat into hormones, tissues and energy. Also, creatine increases lean body mass by pushing water inside the muscle cell and enlarging it.
This amino acid not only has been shown to be a great anti-catabolic agent (protects the muscle from the catabolic activities of the hormone cortisol), and to have immune system enhancing properties, but it also speeds up recuperation and helps to increase muscle volume. I like Beverly International’s Ultra 40 because they contain the highest grade of beef liver and have been purified and processed to contain forty-five times the nutritional amount of whole beef liver. Besides, teenagers produce approximately the equivalent of a 300 mg shot of testosterone per week anyway so there is no need to attempt to increase the production of testosterone in a system that is already producing at peak levels. Per serving will pump-up your system and the complete amino acid profile will keep you energized. Secondly you are more likely to indulge in a high calorie meal when you get around to eating next. It can only be complementary to your program that the big guys at the gym come to me and comment on my incredible gains over the last 10 weeks! For gaining weight they are very useful since they help you get in the amount of quality calories required to gain quality muscle. Flax oil is high on the Omega 3, which help improve immune system, energy production, insulin sensitivity, and hormonal production. Vitamins enhance the actions of proteins that cause chemical reactions such as muscle building, fat burning and energy production.
Two 40.6 oz shakes will add up to 1600 all natural calories to your balanced meal plan - a great compliment to your weight gain program. Minerals assure your brain receives the correct signals from the body, balance of fluids, muscular contractions and energy production as well as for the building of muscle and bones.

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