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To gain weight, you need to gain muscle mass in a much healthier way as compared to consumption of calories in form of saturated fats and carbohydrates. If you want to increase your intake of proteins in a fun and tasty way, you should try adding protein shakes to your diet.
Here are a few types of easy to prepare protein shakes that you can make on your own as compared to the purely-commercially available ones that are notorious for having a lot of side effects. You can prepare this by adding two scoops of vanilla flavoured protein powder to nearly one and a half cups of milk and then add coffee flavoured ice-cream or coffee powder for flavour. Squeeze out the juice from 3 to 4 fresh oranges and add one scoop of unflavoured protein to the juice.
When you start adding protein shakes to your meals or utilize them as a supplement, you can expect to see weight gain as long as you eating other meals that are high in calories. Generally, you should be able to get your daily consumption protein by eating foods from the foods groups consisting of, lean meats such as chicken, beef and fish.
Depending on proteins to gain weight is much better as there are lesser chances of associated disorders like Diabetes and heart ailments.
Remember, you need to use these protein shakes as dietary supplements and not replacements as these are filling and you might not feel like eating anything after taking these, So, do not compromise on your diet, per se and instead take these as a mid morning snack or instead of evening tea.

You may or may not want to add sugar as per your taste.You also get an additional boost of vitamin C with this recipe. Add low fat milk, two scoops of protein powder and half a table spoon of cinnamon powder for rich flavour.
With a protein shake the included protein helps to boost physical performance, but a lot of significantly, keeps you feeling full.
If you’re an athlete and you deplete your energy with muscle stamina and cardio workout, a protein shake might help to fix damage to muscles.
When reading labels on protein shakes, it needs to list exactly what percentage of your everyday allowance is provided in a serving. For instance, if two individuals are taking 1000 Calories each per day but one is consuming more proteins, as compared to the other. The fullness allows you to control your yearnings to consume more or to consume foods that are packed with empty calories. You could wish to purchase a protein powder, which is a focused form of a protein supplement.
The person having more of proteins and lesser carbs and fats would show a healthier pattern of weight gain with increase in muscle mass and lesser proportion of fat storage in body.

The included protein could help you construct lean muscle mass and improve your general athletic efficiency. A protein shake should likewise offer you with the energy you’ve to complete strenuous exercise regimens and muscle lifting.
Protein shakes don’t offer a complete allowance of your everyday dietary consumption. So, when you are on a weight gain diet, you need to make sure that at-least 15 To 25 % of your diet comprises of proteins. Try to include one or two protein shakes in addition to your meals to add calories and assist you gain weight.
Your doctor may suggest a ready-to-drink protein shake to assist you gain weight and see to it you get your day-to-day quantity of protein.

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