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Welsh Corgi is among dogs with the highest shedding and this is something that is well recognized among the dog community. If you are not comfortable with fur on your carpet, your new couch, your expensive clothes or virtually anywhere inside your house, then you might have to reconsider getting a Welsh Corgi. Between the two distinct breeds of Welsh Corgis, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, there is no difference in terms of shedding. Corgi’s fur grows randomly across their body which consequently results in random shedding. Because of the season change, Corgis heavily shed twice a year, once during spring and the other in autumn which is also the common shedding pattern. Nevertheless, you should expect that all Corgis shed lightly all year round and few Corgis may even shed in daily basis. There is no need to be concerned about owning a Corgi or get overwhelmed with the shedding. Certainly, nobody likes all the fur that might even get to your clothes or inside your food. This sort of maintenance has also the benefit of spotting any problem with Corgi’s coat at an early stage since most dog illnesses have an effect on the coat.
One last thing to keep in mind is to have your Corgi regularly checked by a vet to prevent any problem. The chemical treatment of tap water, which makes it suitable for human consumption, leaves toxic residues of chlorine and chloroamines in the water. Corgi existing or potential owners need to be aware of this fact so that they are fully prepared of what they should expect and take all the necessary measures to at least control their Corgi’s shedding. However, with frequent grooming, proper diet with exercise and proper cleaning of your dog, the shedding will not pose any problem.
During the winter, the inner coat serves a very important role since it’s insulated and water resistant. However, if the seasons are not very well defined throughout the year, such as in very warm or very cold places, there is a high chance that you might not notice Corgis shedding twice a year.

It is very important to take all these into consideration in order to live with your Corgi harmoniously. Just like in humans where poor nutrition is noticeable from the health of our skin, same thing happens for dogs.
Corgis may get stressed because of a lifestyle or environmental change (it is might also depend on your Corgi’s personality) or for any other reason.
This is why it is highly suggested to have a curved wire slicker brush, dog shampoo and quality dog food. This means that you need to take into account the random hair growth direction of Corgi’s fair across their body.
Be careful with the temperature of the water because it should not be very hot as this easily burn your Corgi and ultimately make it fear of water. High quality dog food combined with dog supplements is vital for your dog’s health which also manifests in its coat. If you notice any shedding that seems out of the ordinary, it might be a good idea to pay a visit to the vet and check if there is any problem. Remember that the more hair you get rid of via grooming throughout the day, the less fur your Corgi dumps around the house. Aquatize contains plant extracts to stimulate natural slime coat development in amphibians and fish.
There are a few owners that are worried with Corgi shedding and they are afraid that their dog will eventually lose all of its hair which is certainly not the case. Welsh Corgis that are not fed quality dog food containing all the vital nutrients that a dog needs, may experience excessive shedding and consequently there is a high chance that your Corgi may look unhealthy.
It would be a good idea to look out at anything that might be stressing your Corgi and prevent the excessive shedding or even any other illness. The goal is to manage Corgi to shed at your desired times rather than trying to eliminate the shedding, since this is something impossible.
Still on this point, it’s important to note that spayed or neutered Corgis shed less as they tend to have less hormonal changes.

Essential oils in these extracts promote shedding in reptiles and maintain scales and skin tissue in optimal health. Welsh Corgis fall within this category of heavy shedding animals and their double coat is to be blamed. Therefore, the inner coat will be more developed than the outer coat during the cold months.
Furthermore, good grooming is a good way to get rid of the fur that was about to fall off which would otherwise end up on the floor of your house. If you notice your Corgi shedding at a higher rate than they usually do, a visit to the vet is recommended in order to rule out any illness. Otherwise you might find yourself spending a lot of money on vacuum bags and lint rollers due to all the fur in your home. Fur that would have otherwise packed around the body especially around the inner coat and fall off inside the house, it is easily removed by light daily brushing. In particular, Corgi’s double coat consists of the inner short insulated coat and the longer outer coat.
This is the reason why the dense inner coat is shed during the spring months, and the longer fluffy outer coat grows more since Corgi’s body adapts accordingly for the summer period. Apart from grooming, bathing your dog more than once per month, it can make a lot of difference. Subsequently, the outer coat is shed during autumn and the regrowth of the inner coat begins in order to prepare for the coming winter again. We recommend the below de-shedding pills which could help your Corgi shed less and they are available on Amazon.

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