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Did you know Vitamin D is actually a hormone made by your body as you are exposed to sunlight? Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining bone strength and keeping your body healthy.  If you eat a varied diet and get enough sun every day, then you are probably getting enough Vitamin D and do not need a supplement. A human requires ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure at least twice a week on the face, arms, or back without sunscreen with a greater than 3 UV index for adequate amounts of vitamin D3. Three ounces of pork can provide as much as 88 iu of Vitamin D, which is one seventh of a daily dose. Shiitake mushrooms have 45 iu which is one thirteenth of a daily serving of Vitamin D, white mushrooms have 5 iu.
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Raisin Bran has about one sixth of a daily dose but Corn Flakes has only about one seventeenth. Half a fillet has more than 1,400 iu of Vitamin D (more than twice the amount you need in a day).

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