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Carolina is only 13 article away to unlock the GOLD medal, which is only awarded to the elite expert who has published more than 24 articles on WatchFit in the last 12 months. Carolina is a London-based registered and fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist & Naturopath who specialises in stress and weight management, fertility issues and prevention of chronic disease, with a focus on those working in a high-pressure corporate environment.
The Danes are reportedly the happiest people in Europe, yet Denmark is the second country behind Iceland in terms of anti-depressant consumption.
Panic attack symptoms Panic attacks can start suddenly and usually peak at around 10 minutes but may last up to 30 minutes. Are you overweight, constantly exhausted (particularly at around 3pm in the afternoon) or struggling with erratic moods? Being obese does not just mean carrying excess body fat, it also means an increase in risks for a number of different health problems.
B vitamins Vitamin B is great due to its ability to work synergistically and has a dynamic effect on our health.
Menopause is defined as cessation of menstruation and may last up to seven years.  Hormonal changes occur, including a drop in oestrogen and progesterone levels. The thyroid gland plays a hugely important role in the body.  It produces hormones which regulate cell metabolism and basal metabolic rate, growth development, oxygen delivery and thermogenesis. Milk protein or casein intolerance occurs when the body has a food-specific IgG antibody response to the protein found in milk.

I sometimes make this with organic pork mince – both are equally nourishing for winter. My recipe is mostly vegetables with beans. Spirulina is considered one of nature's most perfect foods because it performs such a broad spectrum of activities in the body.
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This is the time when people like to clean up their diets and shed those excess pounds accumulated in the winter. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger, stored in the nerve cells of the body.
But when this emotional state persists after the triggers have been removed, it should be reassessed, and could be clinical depression. Gluten is found not only in wheat but in a variety of grains such as rye, barley and spelt. Overeating First, check to see if you are hydrated.  Often dehydration can be mistaken for hunger.  Is there too much on your plate?
It can be used to replace significant portions of other protein sources in livestock and aquaculture diets.
Its nutritional profile shows it can replace many more expensive supplements, and its research profile reveals its dedication to promoting good health.

Although B12 can help with internal issues like anemia, MS, and eye disease, it can also help you on the outside. In most cases, this type of B12 has been synthetically produced in a lab and is safe for everyone to take.
Although these might all sound like very serious conditions, you might be able to treat them with a bit more B12. Best of all, this vitamin is entirely natural and can be found by eating certain foods or taking supplements.
Others have noticed a true boost in the health of their cardiovascular system after taking B12.
A proper level can also help you to have skin, hair, and nails that are stronger and more beautiful. Taking B12 can also help those with memory disorders, like Alzheimer’s or just memory loss due to aging. You might just be surprised at all the benefits that taking B12 offers patients just like you. The next time you are feeling a bit under the weather and would like an immune system boost, just try some B12.

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