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The First Step: If you are interested in starting a program, contact us for a free consultation. A research letter recently published in the journal AIDS by Vorkas et al determined that testosterone use was associated with polycythemia, and intramuscular administration demonstrated a stronger association than topical (testosterone patch) use. The association between testosterone replacement therapy and polycythemia has been reported for the past few years as this therapy has become more mainstream.
Although all testosterone replacement products can increase the amount of red blood cells, the study showed a higher incidence of polycythemia in those using intramuscular testosterone than topical administration (testosterone patch was the main option used -- no gels). Five of the 21 cases (24%) did not use testosterone, but had other explanations for their polycythemia: pulmonary hypertension, COPD and plasma volume contraction. The letter recommends that all HIV-infected patients taking testosterone should undergo routine hematologic monitoring and adjustment of testosterone dose or cessation of testosterone therapy as appropriate based on hemoglobin values. Below is an excerpt from my book, Testosterone: A Man's Guide, further detailing the prevention and management of polycythemia. It's important to check patients' hemoglobin and hematocrit blood levels while on testosterone replacement therapy.
The following table shows the different guideline groups that recommend monitoring for testosterone replacement therapy. Many patients on testosterone replacement who experience polycythemia do not want to stop the therapy due to fears of re-experiencing the depression, fatigue and low sex-drive they had before starting treatment. Unless a local blood bank is willing to help, some physicians may need to write a letter of medical necessity for phlebotomy if requested by insurance companies. The approximate amount of blood volume that needs to be withdrawn to restore normal values can be calculated by the following formula, courtesy of Dr.
The frequency of the phlebotomy depends on individual factors, but most men can do one every two to three months to manage their hemoglobin this way.
Some doctors recommend the use of a baby aspirin (81 mg) a day and 2,000 to 4,000 mg a day of omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil capsules) to help lower blood viscosity and prevent heart attacks. Although some people may have more headaches induced by high blood pressure or get extremely red when they exercise, most do not feel any different when they have polycythemia. Andro Gel which is also known as Androgel or Testosterone Gel, is an effective method of TRT due to its high penetration ratio and rapid absorbtion into the body. However, if you are having the symptoms of Low T levels, and you want to remedy that, it is important to start a replacement therapy soon and start enjoying an almost immediate boost in your sexual performance, libido, strength, power and emotional improvements.
Testosterone Replacement Therapy by using Testosterone Supplements is now a mature therapy and due to it many men are living a normal life. We have done a blog on testosterone replacement therapy and a podcast on testosterone replacement therapy. Jay is in the house and we are going to talk a little bit more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy [TRT] and you want to listen to today. But unless blood work, which you should be getting done regularly, says you have high estradiol levels, there is absolutely no reason to take an anti-estrogen.
Yeah, what Mike just said, him and I summarizing this, I like to liken it back to the board on his site and some of the questions that are coming in. NONE of my advice is to be taken by anybody that is or isn’t in the legal profession that wants to come after me because both Mike and I have script and we do this through legal channels but the reality is, the average endocrinologist is a quack. The other thing I want to add, again based on your blood work, everything is based on a baseline. We both recommend EQ over Deca-Durabolin because Deca-Durabolin has this horrible propensity to shut guys down to really slow and destroy the HPTA which will basically make you feel like you’re a limp dick motherfucker and can’t get it up. The reason both of those drugs are awesome for injury restoration or prevention is because they rebuild collagen. Yeah and the growth is going to help with sleep, collagen regeneration, and also potentiates the testosterone, so the synergistic effect between Test and Growth.
This isn’t an opinion, this isn’t Mike or Jay on the Reddit boards and we’re 25 and we have opinions. This isn’t guess work for me and Mike, this is based on basically, empirical fact and science. Again, back to the GH, if you are under 35 thinking about GH and not a pro-bodybuilder, it’s a waste of time. And then #2 if you are going to go down the route to restore, you have an injury, and you’re going to use EQ or Deca, I would use EQ anywhere from 150 mg to 200 mg a week. The B side is, you don’t live in a perfect world and you go to a doctor who wants to give you 50 mg of Test every week or one injection of a 100 mg every two weeks.
Yeah, and what you learn too is that when you take a shot of testosterone, estrogen rises with it and when you remove than Test, the estrogen doesn’t fall as fast as the Test does.
Tell your doctor “What is the half-life of Test Cypionate?” Which is what he’s going to give you. When you are taking a shot every 2 weeks, for Christ’s sake, you are going to have days when you’re depressed. And let me tell you guys something right now: needle phobia…that’s what generates needle phobia. That’s why you’re listening to Danger & Play with guys like me and Mike because we are giving it you the way you need to hear it. Now, I have been in touch with various TRT clinics with not much success yet, it’s a little far down the to-do list because I have other things going on. A lot of guys ask me for referrals and all I can tell them is go where I go which is the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Clinic. So we’re working on it, I can’t guarantee anything, but until then if you have to go through your regular doctor or you are worried about having to get it through insurance: you’re going to get Test Cyp, you’re going to want to get 100-150 mg a week, you’ll want to take 2 shots a week, hey if you can do 3, do it but 2 shots is plenty. Then, it if doesn’t quite come out of the needle quick enough, run it under scalding hot water for about 20 minutes. Because that can lead to some problems but I personally have never had that as an issue, some gives have.
If you have good cardiovascular health when on TRT, your blood volume is naturally going to turn over a lot through basic oxidative aerobic capacity so you’re not really going to have that issue. Literally, this podcast should have so many people listen to it, you guys should recommend this to your friends. I’m not bullshitting you when I say that, but you should listen to this podcast and again, and as Mike says, our goal is to pay it forward. Jay: Yeah, the only thing I would add is, continue to ask question to me and Mike now that Mike has outted me and my blog. Also, if I want to test my blood to check my levels after the first 5 weeks or so, how long after the injection and the arimidex dose should I get my blood drawn? Science is really primitive and deals with large populations when we all have different gene. Until then all you can do is rely on general guidelines and use your brain and try things out on yourself. I do my own back filling using a 25G syringe every 2 weeks and get 6 syringes ready at once. Increased ability, confidence, strength in gym, muscular development that is visible (assuming you work out), libido, better erections, desire to do thing and be active, general well being.
Why would it make more sense to take more frequently injections testosterone propionate than fewer and less frequent injections of testosterone cypionate?
As Mike continues to point out correctly-most guys won’t have issues with E at these type of clinical dose protocols-but some people (especially endomorphic peeps)are acutely sensitive to even slightly elevated Estrogen (E).

I recommend Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) for good overall suppression (but you have to watch your lipid panels while using it as it can affect HDL and overall ratios negatively) and for guys who need an E killer or fast selective suppression -Aromasin(Exemestane). All things are possible with determination and a unwavering quest to better yourself as a man. My sex drive is back, I kill it in the gym, and I have the emotional stability to get things done. In regards of Nebido: The first 10 days I got some flushing and a bit puffy nips, now the side effects are gone.
The pharmacist who recommended it was raving about the slow release and long half-life (90 ± 40 days). It took over 1 year after starting treatment to get smooth and constant levels, but now there is no difference in how I feel, regardles of what week of the cycle it is.
Only difference I have noticed between injecting every 6 or 8 weeks is, that on a shorter cycle my hemoglobin is higher. I am 49 and was prescribed (via my family doc) TRT via gel (1.62) a year ago with less than ideal results. Sorry to break it to you brother but your side effects will not be lessened by dosing protocols.
Consider drugs that keep your HPTA working in fine order like Cabaser, Triptorelin and Torefimene.
With polycythemia the blood becomes very viscous or "sticky," making it harder for the heart to pump. Smoking has also been associated with polycythemia and may contribute to the effects of other risk factors. I have seen phlebotomy given weekly for several weeks bring hematocrit from 56 percent to a healthy 46 percent.
These can be an important part of most people's health regimen but they are not alternatives for therapeutic phlebotomy if the patient has polycythemia and does not want to stop testosterone therapy.
There are many non-prescription testosterone gel on the market and they are highly effective as TRT (Replacement therapy). In this podcast, we discuss  how many milligrams of testosterone to take when on TRT, whether to take testosterone cypionate and whether men need anti-estrogens – also known as selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) and aromatase inhibitors (AIs). That means one week you are going to end up with 150 mg of Test, the next week you are going to get 200 mg of test.
If you don’t know what it means to backfill a syringe go on YouTube and look at it or get it from your TRT clinic which is what I do.
Unfortunately like Mike said, and again, I’m not a doctor and I just play one on D&P for now. They are shot gunning; giving different protocols to different guys based on different life circumstances.
That’s why they are complaining that they have low energy, low libido, and all those things because they literally have no testosterone production. HGH is technically not TRT it would be considered more HRT but if you can get real growth hormone, if it’s pharmaceutical grade, 1-2 IUs every day, 5 days a week. If you’re under 35 you have such high natural production, get tested, but normally you have such high natural production that 1 – 2 IUs isn’t going to do anything for you if you are under 35.
So if your doctor does agree with you, just say “OK Doc, show me an endocrinology textbook where what is advised is wrong.” If the doctor says you need Amiridex, say “Why?
Well I would say actually every 4th day so probably about 300 to 400 mg a week and ONLY until the injury is healed. Again, reading the boards, reading the messages, reading some of this abject quackery that I see…again, Mike and I are not doctors.
Yes, there are going to be days off, but that’s why we recommend Test Propionate because it mimic’s the body’s production most effectively of all the other Tests. So if the doctor wants you on Cypionate, you’re going to want to get 100-150mg a week, I would advise, again this is not medical advice, even if he tells you to take one shot a week, that’s going to lead to peaks and valleys. You put an 18-22 gauge needle in your arm at one inch or even one and half inches like some guys will do and you hit a nerve and you activate your Golgi reflex tendon mechanism you’re head will hit the ceiling of a 10 foot ceiling. All these questions come up, all this confusion, and this is probably going to be 15 minutes and we probably could have done it in 8 minutes. If you can’t make it out there because it’s too expensive or whatever, go to Vegas and see Dr.
You don’t run the needle under hot water obviously, you run the plastic part on it and that’s that. Make sure when you get your blood work done, this is something that your doctor might not know because a lot of them don’t know, if you have a high red blood cell count, you better get your ass to the Red Cross and give blood. Although some guys, as Mike said, are genetically pre-disposed to having a high red blood cell count.
Anybody who cares about being a real man, having more energy, and a better libido, a better outlook and a better mood in their life should be listening to this podcast because this information is not out there. You ask us questions, you come out on the blog and you state what needs to be stated and we will do our best to answer your questions. And again, I don’t sell TRT man, I don’t sell testosterone, legally or illegally, I don’t have anything to do with it. You guys know what that is, I’m available there to, feel free to ask questions, we look forward to helping you. I just got my script for TRT from an anti aging doc after wasting time and bunch of money going to a couple endos and a urologist.
Personally the topic has been very informative for me, especially since I just had my bloodwork done yesterday at a local anti aging clinic.
Just was wondering if there was any actual science behind this as far as it increasing your test significantly.
Does the law of diminishing returns kick in with higher amounts I.e if you head towards the 1000-2000 mg a week range. Find a concept or word you don’t understand and set out to understand the WHY behind it.
Today my first day on T.Prop, I have just injected it for the first time (first time ever injecting myself). Actually he is an author of an standard endocrinology textbook and head of the WHO Center for andrology at the university hospital of Muenster. Nebido is not an oral testosterone, it is an injection which you only need every 10 to 12 weeks. HIV-infected patients taking testosterone should undergo routine hematologic monitoring with adjustment of therapy when appropriate.
No cases met the criteria for polycythemia vera, and no adverse cardiovascular or thrombotic events were noted among the cases or controls. Therapeutic phlebotomy is very similar to what happens when donating blood, but this procedure is prescribed by physicians as a way to bring down blood hematocrit and viscosity. I know physicians who prescribe phlebotomy once every 8-12 weeks because of an unusual response to testosterone replacement therapy.
It is impossible to predict exactly who is more prone to developing polycythemia, but men who use higher doses, men with higher fat percentage, and older men may have a higher incidence. This may affect the conjugal life of men and lead to despressive mood and loss of confidence. Besides, Androgel is topical application which means you apply to the part of the body which directly need the mediction.

This is going to keep you at just at over the highest levels that you could achieve naturally.
Good luck, you are going to have to find an anti-aging clinic or as a last resort, you may have to self-administer. Some guys are OK with it, it’s a great drug for building mass and also for helping injury restoration.
I think I told you guys that I started using a doctor when I was 29, probably a little too young, but I was obviously very informed and I knew what I was doing when I started.
A lot of you guys that are doing paleo and low-carb trying to heal injuries, you are wasting your time.
You are getting a shot of Test, your T and E go up, and your E would be fine if your T were still at that level. If a doctor is prescribing you a dosage of only 150 mg or less every two weeks with one shot.
Again, if you are in good cardiovascular shape, you do your cardio; you put in 4 or 5 days a week whether it’s walking, riding a bike or whatever, and low intensity of course.
Mike and I are not the gurus by any stretch of the imagination, but we do know our stuff and we will do our best to answer your questions. So thank you for your attention, I hope that you can find proper medical treatment, then you have to do whatever it takes to get the medical care that you need. Seriously I cannot believe the amount of change I’m experiencing in motivation and energy to do my workouts.
I also assume, that just increasing the test amount instead, that the cost to benefit ratio in comparison to hcg wouldn’t be justified under that scenario from what I gather. If you guys are ever down my way I owe you a drink… or a fcking smoothie or protein shake! If your levels are low, drop every single non-emergency thing in your life and focus on getting them up. First article in a hundred that convinced me to give it a shot, first that mentions test.prop insted of ethanate or cypionate and first that avoids peaks and valleys with every other day use. Feels cool , didnt feel a thing I bought 29 gauge insulin needles, I will keep you updated and post some pic.
Among the four female cases, one was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe pulmonary hypertension, while the other three did not have a documented explanation for elevated hemoglobin.
This simple procedure is done in a hospital blood draw or a blood bank facility and can reduce hematocrit, hemoglobin, and blood iron easily and in less than one hour.
The duration over which the blood volume is withdrawn is affected by whether concurrent fluid replacement occurs.
You must consult your doctor or medical practitioner who will advise the most appropriate TRT. You can shoot those into your delts, into your thighs, and you rotate your injection sites. I see some of these guys on the board who say they are getting 66 mg of Test Cypionate once every 14 days. And just one thing to ad, if you are preparing for a bodybuilding show, a competition, or a photo shoot, or your just want to look awesome for a vacation you’re taking or something like that, it’s ok to go to once a day dosage.
Again assuming you’re getting blood work done, getting your IGF levels measured don’t waste your time with GH. You’re not going to get much scar tissue built up because one thing you’re going to learn is that if you put those harpoons, those 22 gauges in and you think “Oh I’m a badass I can take the pain.” You are tearing up muscle fascia and you are going to create scar tissue. But obviously we are giving out information that is so cutting edge and so modern that there is nobody out there offering what we are offering.
If that means that you have to self-administer, although I would never encourage anyone to violate any laws, then that is what you have to do. Is there a difference between the two and is there a particular reason you recommend one over the other? I know your stance on it as far as it being more of a cosmetic thing, and the possibility of sending conflicting signals to your testes, all make sense to me. I’m obviously a newb on this and just doing every bit of research possible before I begin down this path. If the levels are stable for 5 weeks than I’ll continue otherwise switch to test prop. Because of the relatively small number of female cases and the fact that the primary hypothesis is related to testosterone use, this case-control study focused on the 21 male patients. Unfortunately, therapeutic phlebotomy can be a difficult option to get reimbursed or covered by insurance companies. When you’re backfilling or getting backfilled syringes at 28 gauge they are small enough needles.
Get your blood measured, do it every 3 months and then once you become a pro you can do it 2 times a year, but make sure you have a baseline. Remember what Mike and I have told you on numerous podcasts that carbs are more important that protein or fats.
Now for you hard gainers out there don’t go “Oh I need to take EQ because it will make me eat more.” IT’s just something to be aware of. When you start experimenting with exogenous amounts if you are not using enough to overcome your body’s natural production…ahh, HELLO! As Mike says, as peak half-life and peak efficacy in the blood and all these other things, parental administration, you’re body with a long-acting ester like Test Cypionate is going to have ups and downs. Recently I noticed on various boards, where guys have actually posted their labs showing on hcg and off, and one guy had as much as 400ng difference being on it as compared to off of it. I plan on experimenting but obviously want to be informed and prepared as possible to avoid all of the pitfalls I hear other bros having on here.
Did my first 150 of Test E last weekend (second yesterday) but having a good look at Prop now … Seriously, thank you. I always believed that I have above average natural levels of T ( I am one of the strongest guys in gym, high sex drive, always waking up with raging erections).
Nebido is not imitating the normal rhythm of testosterone flow, like gels but that is not a problem, he said.
Now Deca-durabolin is very similar to EQ in its effects but it is very progestogenic and inhibitory.
You have very little natural production at this stage of your life and I assume you aren’t wanting kids. I think that is there are estrogen problems; it’s largely due to defective medical practice. I’m not a doctor but I can go read an endocrinology textbook and I can go look at the half-life of chemicals right? All the good anti-aging clinics and endocrinologists provide that now to their patients and it’s simple. But again, you have to understand this stuff; you cannot just be shot gunning stupid nonsense into your body using giant harpoons when you don’t know what you’re doing.

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