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Egyptian officials said Wednesday they have found the remains of Flight 804, which vanished last month. Larry David’s stint on Saturday Night Live as Bernie Sanders only helped crystallize the importance of his HBO series.
Prosecutors successfully removed Judge Aaron Persky from a new sexual-assault case on Tuesday, citing his controversial role in Brock Turner’s trial. The FBI is seeking the public’s help to piece together why Omar Mateen selected the Pulse nightclub as his target. Eduardo Cunha, the legislator who led the charge to remove Dilma Rousseff, now faces his own crisis. New guidelines from the World Health Organization say drinking coffee may prevent cancer, and represent the latest in a long debate over the harms and benefits of a beloved beverage. Kanye West is still tweaking The Life of Pablo four months after releasing it, creating an oddly compelling experience for listeners.
The presumptive Republican nominee wants a meeting to discuss restricting firearm sales to people on the terrorist watch list. State-run media in the Islamic Republic report a deal has been struck with the airplane manufacturer to buy more than 100 aircraft. Donald Trump portrays immigration as a threat to public safety, but research paints a very different picture. Since the shooting in Orlando, the Republican has adopted some new talking points—including defending LGBT Americans—but his strategy seems to have changed little.
Michigan law now requires public schoolchildren learn about the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide.
Once more, the presumptive Republican nominee takes a standard GOP talking point and turns it up a notch, implying the president is guilty of treason. The Full Frontal host’s furious monologue on the massacre in Florida underscores her ascendency as the best political voice on late-night television. The Orlando massacre has not bridged the gap between the House speaker and the presumptive GOP nominee on national security.
Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the government's rules, which ensure consumers get equal access to internet. Is it possible, I wondered, that I’ll continue to sprout whiskers and grow a beard later in life?" asked Kurutz.
But Kurutz's sad tale begs the bigger question: What would drive a grown man to act this silly? Well, it turns out that men with beards are basically the high school jocks of the adult world and that world is their locker room.

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