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The bad news is that Testosterone level decreases with age and decreases as much as 1% per year after age 30 . Testosterone levels above or below the normal range are considered by many to be out of balance. While Testosterone is generally associated with sexual characteristics of men , many people are not aware that T is  also responsible for  healthy libido, building muscle mass, and maintaining energy level. Therefore an extreme deviation from the  normal T level should be investigated by a medical doctor. Men who have Testosterone levels that are higher than average may experience both benefits and drawbacks.
Serum testosterone undergoes a natural daily variation in levels as shown by the chart below.
A detailed physical examination and biochemical investigation is mandatory in a person suspected of LOH. Free testosterone is calculated from measured total testosterone and SHBG or measured by a reliable free testosterone laboratory. Men need to maintain normal testosterone levels, or androgens, as this hormone is responsible for the normal growth and development of male sex organs and the maintenance of secondary sex characteristics. Normal Testosterone LevelsThe normal level of testosterone in the bloodstream is still a point of heated debate. Men who have too much testosterone may experience premature baldness, irritability and a short temper.
To give you a different perspective on the testosterone range and allow you to understand what the "benchmark" of excellent testosterone level is we will illustrate using the example of athletes.

Low T level may result in a decline in physical energy, strength, stamina, and diminished mental aggressiveness.
The benefits, which are modest, include normalizing blood pressure and lowering the likelihood of obesity and heart attack.
You offer some great info here and I’ll be bookmarking this site for further updates. Studies have shown that total testosterone levels decrease by approximately 30% in healthy men between the ages of 25 and 75. Moreover, men may experience more aches and pains in the bones and joints and they may also have a decline in libido and erections. However, there is a tendency for such men to consume more alcoholic beverages, and they are more likely to smoke, and more likely to get injured. However if you are on some T therapy , the levels must be monitored closely , at least once in 6 months. MasculineEmpower yourself with clear goals, integrated self-esteem and fueled by your live in tune with sensitivity.
Now I have not done my brain research into this field, and I am not a medical professional. According to some researchers, the higher the testosterone level, the more likely men are to participate in risk-taking behavior (sexual, injury risk, and even criminal activity). Anyway its just an additional thing to test for with your regular blood test.It is usually not included in the regular check up so you have to request for it. The theory goes that testosterone levels in males ensures aggressiveness and being outgoing, in order to attract female partners and mate with them.

As I have repeatedly over the last years taken my sex hormones including testosterone level, I can only state I have never been more aware of my own high sensitivity after the lecture of all the great books on this subject. Yet, straight-of-the-bat, my testosterone level shows values that are even higher than the healthy normal level to be found in men.
At times as testosterone has been linked to aggressiveness doesn’t this sound like two totally opposing situations. How would a man feel that was extremely attracted to the feminine yet somewhat afraid of rejection and being hurt?
What would be going on inside of a man that has an extremely high sex drive inside a relationship and wants to ravish his women, yet his partner might also be a highly sensitive person and be aroused at the lightest touch with goosebumps and above measure? What inside a man that has strong feelings and aggression developing on the inside, yet does not want to hurt others by any means and therefore has to find a way to channel this energy, even in the most emotional moment? What about the expression of love and devotion that highly sensitive men are especially good in fueled by strong testosterone and sex drive? Could it be that such a man would actually want to create a love symphony by giving his woman the most sensually and arousing erotic experience of a lifetime?

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