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Today is the first edition of “about lifting carnival together with more testosterone-filled links.
So what is really heroic about these Manosphere guys is that they will make you realize that taking the red pill is the only way to go about living a life of freedom; and they are the only people on the world that tell me that MALENESS is GOOD and TESTOSTERONE is NOT EVIL. My Training advice is born of years of experience and trial and error and countless nights studying researches and lifting principles, integrating them with medical facts and off course.
I will teach you about lifting and about lifting to build muscle, to increase strength, and burn fat. In adequate amounts, testosterone, an androgenic steroid hormone produced in the testes and the adrenals, promotes the development and functioning of masculine traits and secondary sex characteristics, including libido and reproduction, assists in the growth of muscle and bone mass, and helps regulate certain brain functions. Researcher Alan Booth, a sociology and human development professor at Penn State, believes that men with high testosterone may smoke and drink more than men with lesser amounts of the hormone.
Booth's study suggests that if you have high testosterone you may experience frequent episodes of unemployment and troubled relationships, broken marriages and strained relations with your children. High testosterone levels may occur naturally or as the result of supplementation using patches, gels or intramuscular injections. But at home your a lame-ass feminist and you believe that all things that makes a guy are EVIL! Olympia, a big shot athlete or a steroid buff neither am I a doctor (but I am a nurse by profession).

High amounts of testosterone may produce some favorable characteristics, including increased energy and improved ability to learn and retain information. Booth's findings also suggest that these men engage in fights and combative behavior and may participate in risky undertakings more often than men with lower testosterone. You may find it difficult to remain faithful to one person and may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. Other factors which may signify high testosterone in your blood include a receding hair line, heavy growth of facial and body hair, acne, a lean physique and high cheekbones with a low brow ridge.
Since testosterone levels decline after 50 years of age, your physician might suggest you begin replacement therapy using synthetic testosterone. When you use an anabolic steroid in excessive doses on a daily basis, you will augment your testosterone levels, but you also run the risk of developing health complications.
We integrate this linkage to the current about lifting carnival particularly because one: Mr.
You have been fed lies by the society and I even doubt that you are making any progress at all.
So the nancyboy bodybuilder at the above example would be better off licking plastic bottles and eating a gallon of soy. But I know what I am doing around the Iron and the weight room and I also briefly worked as a trainer in Golds.

In very high amounts, it may induce exaggerated or extreme behavior and may cause harmful or undesirable physical side effects. His research also reveals a tendency for men with increased testosterone to commit acts of unfaithfulness and to mistreat their partners or spouses.
Your tendency to gamble and to take risks may result in financial and legal difficulties, and you may fall victim to frequent accidents due to your impulsive, boisterous nature.
In the September 2002 Men's Health, Laurence Gonzales notes that men with high testosterone levels tend to smile infrequently and talk less, suggesting they prefer action-oriented pursuits over those requiring verbalization. If, during replacement therapy, you notice decreased impulse control, extreme shifts in mood, or if you feel angrier and more argumentative than usual, you may have too much testosterone in your body.
Symptoms of the prolonged administration of testosterone include shrinkage of the testicles, reduced sperm count and impotence, breast tissue enlargement, liver tumors, enlargement of the heart muscle, acne, hair loss and muscle aches. Poet is absent nowadays (I hope he gets back soon) and these guys deserve to be known, and TWO: WE LOVE TESTOSTERONE!!

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