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Most guys simply arena€™t getting the type of results in the gym they are capable of due to their low testosterone levels. Unfortunately there are a ton of foods out there that are bad for us – they lower our t-levels or they boost testosterone-killing hormones like cortisol and estrogen.
In order to bring your levels back to where they should be wea€™ve put together a list of 10 foods you should be eating. Dona€™t worry though, once you make the necessary changes to your diet you will find that your levels shoot up pretty quickly. As you can see on this picture above testosterone plays a huge role in overall health and has great effects for those who are trying to build more muscle and stay lean.
Although it doesna€™t contain as much Zinc as beef ita€™s much leaner and purer source of protein. If you find yourself at a fast-food restaurant you can order a grilled chicken burger and eat it without the bun if you want something that is at least somewhat healthy.
In addition to making you a€?toota€? as the old expression goes, green beans also contain a lot of useful nutrients for boosting your testosterone levels. Additionally they are high in protein and fiber while being low in fat which is great for rounding out your diet. Oysters are great for people looking to boost their Zinc intake – they contain more of the valuable nutrient than just about every other food source out there.
Given just how important Zinc is to boosting your testosterone you simply cana€™t afford to be deficient in this key nutrient. In addition to boosting your Zinc levels, Oysters will also help you reach your daily protein and magnesium targets – both of which are essential to testosterone production and muscle growth.
In addition to being high in protein, lean beef also contains zinc which as we mentioned above is very important when it comes to raising your t-levels. Given that full eggs are a great source of pure cholesterol ita€™s no surprise that they can do wonders for bumping up your testosterone levels. While a lot of bodybuilders like to go with egg whites for pure protein source ita€™s in your best interest to throw in some egg yolks as well in order to get the full testosterone-boosting benefits.
Although we dona€™t recommend eating this before you go on a date, it can definitely help you when it comes to boosting your testosterone levels.

If you can eat an entire clove straight up then go for it, otherwise you can stick to using it as a food seasoning.
As a result a lot of people tend to have it before bed however it works just as well during the day.
In addition to tasting delicious and going well with various types of meat, broccoli will actually help reduce estrogen levels in men!
To make things even better they are low in calories so you can pretty much eat as much of it as you want without worrying about packing on any fat. They use natural ingredients like these that are proven to boost testosterone levels and inhibit the bad ones like cortisol and estrogen. Make sure you take a quality product to make sure you are getting the right ingredients otherwise youa€™ll just be wasting your money. If you ever want to increase your natural testosterone production and supplement with a testosterone booster make sure it contains the right ingredients. We actually spent a lot of time making a report on the ingredients that are proven to boost the natural testosterone production in the body. We spent a lot of time trying countless of products, ingredients and did a lot of research, we decided to give this report A away completely free even though we spent a lot of time and money creating it. Make sure to add these top 10 testosterone boosting foods to your diet to increase the natural testosterone production in your body.
If you rarely eat the foods on this list then there is a good chance your levels are already pretty low.
Also note that none of these foods are illegal, dangerous or contain nasty side effects – they are 100% positive. Things havena€™t changed – this lean meat is packed with protein while containing minimal carbs and fat. As we know consuming protein is crucial to building muscle mass and keeping our testosterone levels high. First of all they have more Zinc than most other vegetables and even more than some cuts of meat! After all, if you dona€™t get enough fiber in your diet youa€™ll have a hard time processing all that meat you are eating.

Just make sure you dona€™t eat your Oysters fried otherwise you will be consuming a lot of unhealthy additional ingredients. Additionally, unlike chicken, lean beef contains some saturated fat which is also helpful for testosterone levels. If the only meat you are currently eating is chicken then you are definitely missing out on the nutrients found in beef. This, however, is a huge mistake – testosterone is actually derived from cholesterol! It is loaded with nutrients that work against cortisol – another one of those nasty hormones working against testosterone.
Although many people find that it looks disgusting ita€™s actually one of the best muscle-building snacks you can consume. Ita€™s also high in fiber which means you will have an easier time processing all that meat and protein you consume. Fortunately there are some new testosterone boosting products coming out on the market that work quite well. Natural boosters make for a great alternative to steroids since they are safe, legal and dona€™t contain any of the nasty side effects.
If you want the exact right ingredients to boost testosterone production you have to also make sure to supplement with a proven testosterone boosting supplements that contains only proven ingredients. Ita€™s packed with slow-absorbing casein protein which will leave you feeling full for longer.
Ita€™s also filling and loaded with healthy nutrients so feel free to add as much as youa€™d like to your diet.
Remember, when your estrogen levels are lower your testosterone levels will automatically be more effective at building muscle since estrogen essentially works against it.

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