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In a nutshell, nitric oxide (NO) is a vasodilator, or a molecule that relaxes the arteries and blood vessels in your body, providing you with better blood flow.
Instead of using NO boosting supplements, these top 20+ nitric oxide foods will help you increase your body’s production of NO naturally. Wild caught salmon is a great source of co-enzyme Q10, a popular enzyme used in moisturizer products for women. This might not be suited for everyone, but animal organs contain high amounts of cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins. One study noted that garlic was responsible for decreasing systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 8 points on patients with high blood pressure. Additionally, kale is known to increase testosterone levels, imrpove arterial health, and contains a ton of other health benefits. Onions are yet another natural testosterone booster as well as NO booster, as shown in a couple of studies done on the vegetable.
They’re also a great source of vitamin C, which has the built-in feature of protecting your nitric oxide molecule from free radicals. Without consuming vitamin C to protect your precious nutrients, you’d have to consume more and more nitric oxide foods because NO molecules would deteriorate naturally. They have performed well in every study on the topic, showing to increase testosterone levels by 22% and reduce the thickness of arterial plaque by 30%. But one of the lesser known health values in cranberries is their ability to increase the production of NO and to lower high blood pressure. In addition, a recent study has found that walnuts are also beneficial in natural NO production. Like walnuts, pistachios are rich in L-Arginine, and by now you already know what that’s good for producing! This slow carb releasing behemoth also adds in a lesser known benefit: significant NO boosting properties. Capsaicin has also been reported to help relax arteries and increase NO production in the body. However, studies have shown that it still produces a few vasodilating effects (widens blood vessels to increase blood flow).

Honey contains a high amount of enzymes and nitrates that have been shown to increase NO production naturally.
Ginseng contains compounds known as ginesonides, which are similar to androgens, like testosterone. Note, these benefits were found in Korean red ginseng, not the Siberian or American alternatives. Cocoa, especially raw cocoa, has been shown to both increase NO production and lower blood pressure in many studies already. Some studies even note cocoa to help repair your endolethium, the thin layer of cells that line the inside of blood vessels.
You should also note that the high the cocoa content in the chocolate, the better NO producing effect your body gets. Getting the right nutrition before you go out and compete in a regatta can make the difference between you being able to bring your A-game and not being quite sharp enough. When eating foods that contain carbohydrates your digestive system will convert them into sugar but as your sugar levels start to increase, your pancreas will produce insulin which is basically a hormone that has the mission of making your cells absorb the sugar floating around in your blood for storage. This then makes your blood sugar levels fall, again making your pancreas produce a different hormone this time called glucagon which tells the liver to release its stored sugar.
These carbs are able to be digested very quickly, which causes your insulin levels to spike and make your body store the sugar in your blood. Proteins are all the hype today with everyone now buying protein powder to get more direct and fast acting protein rather than just relying on getting that protein from their diet. Fats contain fatty acids that help keep the skin soft and provide vitamins and also provide a great energy source. Many studies have shown that it helps increase your body’s production of NO significantly. It’s one of the highest nitrate containing plants, meaning the more of it you add to your diet, the more NO your body will produce.
It’s known to be a great activator for NOS (nitric oxide synthase) and can be used as a natural alternative to Viagra or Cialis. That’s a super potent natural blood pressure reducer and outranks even some manufactured medications.

Let’s start off the fruits with some fresh juicy watermelon packed with the amino acid L-Citrulline.
Other studies have also claimed it has been responsible for reducing arterial stiffness and helping product more nitric oxide.
Many studies have shown ginseng to increase testosterone levels, improve blood circulation and sleep quality, increase blood flow, and lastly aid in the production of nitric acid.
This one’s my favorite of all the nitric oxide foods because, well, who doesn’t like chocolate?
The best kind is raw unprocessed cocoa, but I usually settle for a bar of Ghirardelli’s 72% Dark Chocolate and call it a day. Traditionally eating a big breakfast would be recommended for a long day of activity to make sure that your energy levels do not drop. Unfortunately life is more complicated than saying I cana€™t eat that because ita€™s too fatty. Unsaturated fats such as those which contain omega-3 help to reduce blood-cholesterol levels and keep that heart pumping healthily. One of the key reasons in to transfer vitamins and nutrients, such as protein, throughout your body quicker in order to speed up their effects.
The difference between what people call a€?good carbsa€? and a€?bad carbsa€? is based around the rate at which insulin is released.
So with a day of sailing ahead of you, being able to have slow releasing proteins will help to be nourished throughout the day and also have you feeling fuller for longer. Good carbs generally take a lot longer to digest and release energy throughout a longer period keeping you energized throughout the day.

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